Jihad In America, Arm the Settlers!

Obama's Rule by Memo Opens Our Borders to Contagious Diseases

Justice for Shaneen Allen!

Congressman Tim Bishop's Position on Healthcare, a Must-See

Justice for Shaneen Allen!

by Julie on Politics In an unexpected-but-welcome turn of events — or, as the The Daily Caller calls it, “a…

Jihad In America, Arm the Settlers!

guns for the good guys

Innocent, defenseless Americans are being brutally murdered, and even beheaded by Jihadists not only on foreign soil but within our U.S. borders. Preceding the severing of an Oklahoma woman’s head by recent convert to radical Islam, Alton Nolen, there were numerous other savage, deadly, assaults that have been under reported. Breitbart listed a number of…

Justice for Shaneen Allen!

Shaneen and her two children

by Julie on Politics In an unexpected-but-welcome turn of events — or, as the The Daily Caller calls it, “a stunning outbreak of sanity” — Shaneen Allen will be spared felony prosecution and jail time for unknowingly violating New Jersey’s concealed carry laws. Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain reversed his previous decision and allowed Allen…

Congressman Tim Bishop’s Position on Healthcare, a Must-See

tim bishop's healthcare page

Update at the end. h/t to the inimitable Mary Cal Congressman Tim Bishop’s opponent in the congressional race, Senator Lee Zeldin, pointed out during last week’s debate that he might want to update his website. Tim Bishop’s website was still claiming that you can keep your doctor and your plan under Obamacare. A screenshot of Congressman Bishop’s…

FBI Thinks American Beheader Alton Nolen Is a Normal Muslim

Alton Nolen outside his Mosque

Please excuse the ironical tone I’ve taken in this article. The FBI has so far determined that there is no evidence of a terrorism connection in the case of American beheader Alton Nolen. He is not a terrorist and the act he committed is “workplace violence.” Nolen committed an act of terror and he’s a lone wolf.…

ISIS: Rise of the Caliphate

rise of ISIS

ISIS has undergone a meteoric rise since it formed in 1999, but nothing bolstered it as much as the Libyan war when foreign fighters left Libya to join the terrorist group in Syria. In order for people to understand, we need only look at recent history. In 2011, President Obama sold the Libyan War as an urgent humanitarian…

Alton Nolen Is Tied to a Terror-Linked Mosque

Colleen Hufford, a grandmother

The American Beheader, Alton Nolen,is linked to a mosque with ties to imam, Suhaib Webb, who has praised terrorists and who apologized to ISIS the day after Colleen Hufford was beheaded. Webb is linked to American terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki. Nolen was not fired for trying to convert his colleagues according to the latest reports (Shepherd Smith, Fox News and…