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    WH SPOX Accuses Trump of Coordinating with Putin, Maxine Talks Impeachment

    White House spokesperson Josh Earnest accused Trump of coordinating with Russian President Putin without a shred of evidence. Making an Attack on Obama Into an Attack on Trump During a joint press conference with the Moldovan...

    John Lewis Says Trump’s Not Legitimate President

    This week, during the candidates hearings, Rep. John Lewis, civil rights hero and bigot, railed against the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions with a non-fact based, ad hominem attack. Rep. John Lewis Says Trump Is...

    Leftists Run Ads in Dozens of Cities for Protesters…Uh, Maybe Not

    During Tucker Carlson's show this evening, Demand Protest was exposed as a hoax. The person who runs the website said he switched from being against Trump to pro-Trump. Demand Protest allegedly ran ads in two dozen...
    file photo of Ringling Brothers circus performance of elephants.

    Leftists Manage to Destroy the Circus After 146 Years

    Crazy leftists of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization destroyed the circus after 146 years. A minority of loons in PETA demanded elephants be removed and the circus owners caved. Predictably, no elephants,...

    Breaking…Leftists Plan Attacks at Inauguration Balls

    Project Veritas has released a bombshell undercover video showing leftists planning potential terror attacks at some of the Inaugural balls. The first video in a series exposes leftists planning potential terror attacks at the Inauguration. The Fascist...

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