Barack Obama Ran A Shakedown Operation for a Phony Racial Settlement

Maryland Gives 40,000 Felons the Right to Vote - for Democrats

Trump Wins, Hillary Loses to an Aged Socialist Nut Who Honeymooned in the Soviet Union


Barack Obama Ran A Shakedown Operation for a Phony Racial Settlement

Barack Obama

Using phony statistics and with no evidence, Obama’s administration bullied a bank and others into paying reparations to minorities who had no complaints against them. Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has reached more than $220 million in settlements with several auto lenders since the agency launched its anti-discrimination crusade against the industry in 2013. The…

Maryland Gives 40,000 Felons the Right to Vote – for Democrats

Baltimore burning

After a veto override, Maryland gave 40,000 felons the right to vote in time for the big election. The only party they will support obviously is the Democrat party. Did you even know Maryland had 40,000 felons? The legislature on Tuesday narrowly overturned Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto of a bill to extend voting rights to…

Hillary’s Lying, Cheating Machine in Full Gear


Update at the end. From speeches to the Wall Street executives she claims to hate to corrupting the vote, Hillary is in full Clinton mode. In one of her speeches to Goldman Sachs executives and technology titans, Hillary spoke glowingly of the work the bank was doing raising capital and helping create jobs, according to people who…

US Intelligence: ISIS Has Infiltrated Refugees and Plans to Attack Us

ISIS “will probably attempt to conduct additional attacks in Europe, and attempt to direct attacks on the U.S. homeland in 2016,” Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, testified on Capitol Hill Tuesday. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper also testified at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing and  said that ISIS…

Sex, Violence, and Football


In case you missed it, the halftime show during the Super Bowl wasn’t only about promoting anti-police hatred, the violent 1960s-1970s Black Panthers, Malcolm X and the hate group BlackLivesMatter, It was also about promoting LGBT love. CBS Radio at about 7 or 7:30 this morning declared that the Black Panthers was a black civil…

US Spy Chief Admits They Might Spy on You Through Your Appliances

james clapper

US spy chief James Clapper did not name any specific agency but admitted there will likely be surveillance on Americans via smart-home devices. He testified to congress that it is a distinct possibility. He admitted they might spy on you through the Internet of Things. More and more devices from appliances, TVs, cars, phones, smart meters are…