Astounding Testimony at IRS Scandal Hearing – Video


Miller photo of Steven Miller, former Acting Commissioner of the IRS and insufferable bureaucrat

Mr. Miller, former Acting Commissioner of the IRS, explained that the problems befalling the IRS this past week were the result of poor customer service. No one at the Sentinel knew that the IRS provided customer service so that was news to all of us.

Mr. Miller remembers very little and he has either forgotten or never knew the name of anyone who was involved in the IRS targeting scheme. He simply can’t remember.

He said he did not lie when he failed to tell Congress that the IRS was indeed targeting conservative groups who applied for tax-exempt status even though he knew about it at the time he testified.

A very defiant and arrogant Miller added that no one was targeted, but rather the whole affair was a misguided effort on the part of low-level workers to be efficient.

The best clip from the hearing:

Clips of key moments of the testimony: