Ayatollah Khamenei Twitter Threatens Saudi Arabia and U.S.


The Ayatollah Knamenei, while tweeting that the U.S. are liars and the nuclear deal is not a deal as we understand it, is also tweeting threats to Saudi Arabia. News media are reporting that they’re veiled threats or they are merely saying they want a diplomatic solution. You can decide for yourself if they are threats from the tweets and the Iranian News report from FARs news agency. It could be saber rattling. The P5+1 has made Iran into a powerful regional player.

Fars has the following quotes from the Ayatollah posted Thursday on an article titled, ‘Ayatollah Khamenei Warns Saudis of Dire Repercussions of Yemen Invasion.

“The Saudis will definitely be struck back in this issue and their nose will be rubbed against the ground (they will be defeated),” Ayatollah Khamenei said, addressing a large number of Iranians in Tehran on Thursday.

“This action (of the Saudis) is not acceptable in the region and I warn that they will certainly lose interests,” he added.

Iran has sent warships off the Southern coast of Yemen which they claim is to protect the coast from the non-existent threat of pirates.

The U.S. is providing intelligence, financing and arms to Saudi Arabia but it’s not likely we will do much while this faux deal is being worked out with Iran.

The situation in Yemen is very complicated. Saudi Arabia wants the Houthis pushed back. Some Sunnis in the region will be forced into an alliance with Al Qaeda who want the same thing they do.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is the most lethal of the Al Qaeda forces. They are also becoming a problem in Iraq.

The Foreign Minister and a commander in Iran is encouraging all of them to turn their fight on Israel.

The complicated disaster that is Yemen is the Obama administration success story. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is filling the vacuum. They are a direct threat to the U.S. and U.S. interests.

The U.S. could have stopped the Houthis in the beginning but we wouldn’t intervene because of our upcoming nuclear deal with Iran.

We now have Iran, ISIS, Al Qaeda all vying for control in our success story nation.