Black Brunch: Oddball Ferguson Protests in Berkeley to Win Over the Multitudes


Black Brunch is happening now in Berkeley! Black Brunch is the latest from the geniuses who are protesting the Ferguson shooting. They go into restaurants and stores in white neighborhoods and read off the names of black youth killed by police and vigilantes – through a megaphone.

They plan to do this every 24 hours. They believe that blacks are being murdered every 24 hours for no reason by racist, lawless cops.

Their point is it’s not business as usual. They must be trying to win hearts and minds. Great approach! They’re blooming geniuses.

They want to know which side you’re on. After this, I’m sure fewer people are with them. At least they’re not looting or committing arson.

They follow Malcolm X principles.


blackbrunch2 blackbrunch3