Black Police Officer Who Shot Armed Criminal in Milwaukee Is Facing Death Threats


The black police officer who killed Sylville Smith is a former rapper, Dominique Heaggan-Brown, who rapped under the name KB Domo. Without the facts being known and with the police chief and mayor saying the body cam exonerates him, several hundred people, led by Black Lives Matter, rioted, looted, shot off guns and attacked police for two days.

officer brown
KB Domo

As a rapper, he rapped about rioting.

Dominique Heaggan-Brown
Dominique Heaggan-Brown

His photo — and his home address — were shared on Facebook thousands of times and comments were often angry and threatening according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

One poster wrote, “Officer Dominique Brown Heaggan killed ‪#‎Syvillie (sic),” one Facebook post read. “Yall know what to do.. Blast this!! ‪#‎F**kEm‬ ‪#‎FTP‬ (f*ck the police).

“Now y’all see his face if he’s seen anywhere in the city drop him,” one post said, according to the newspaper. Another person asked for a gun to “shoot him right in his head.”

Another person wrote, “He sent me to jail unlawfully!!! Do whatever y’all need to do to this man.”

Other posts included, “He a thug too he just got a badge on,” “they coming for yo a** Mr. Postman,” and “he might as well leave the city. I feel for dude if he caught on the street by somebody lol they not gone play with him.”

The police issued a statement on the rioting.

“MPD has noted a disturbing national trend where users of social media have identified officers involved in uses of deadly force, threatened the officers and their families, and demonized them,” the department said in a statement. “Locally, we are aware of some general threats against our officers. MPD takes these threats seriously and is investigating.”

The Journal-Sentinel described the officer as one who grew up in the same rough neighborhood as Smith and both knew each other as former classmates.

Heaggan has been an officer since 2013 and was a police aide prior to that for three years.

There are no compliants against him and there was recognition for him helping a homeless woman.

Heaggan’s career is facing ongoing destruction by the mindless mob who believe there is implicit bias in all police departments. Implicit bias is basically a thought crime worthy of a George Orwell novel.

When two of the officers in the Baltimore Freddie Gray case turned out to be black, people said it didn’t matter because once they become officers, they become white.

The thug who authorities say turned toward the officer with his gun in his hand is being held up as a saint and the cop defending himself is being vilified and his life is in danger – he had to leave town.

The officer who took himself out of indigent circumstances and raised himself up is their enemy but not the guy with the stolen gun.

Sylville Smith had a serious and long arrest record at age 23.

Nine people were shot and four killed in Milwaukee immediately before this event but no one cares. They care about the armed man with the long arrest record thanks to the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter and other hate groups who go into these communities and lie to the kids.

Sylville’s sister Sherelle, who told the rioters to “burn the suburbs…burn their sh*t, said, “If my brother did have his gun in his hand, why he didn’t shoot back? If he’s gonna go out, why not go out with a fight? Why not go out with a big bang? If we don’t have answers, we’re gonna find them and we’re gonna find them our way. We’re not find them y’all way no more. We’re not gonna compromise no more.”

She obviously loves her brother and must be blind to what he was but what is the excuse of the other rioters and issuers of death threats?