BP Gets Deep Water Drilling Contract In The South China Sea

We Will Have None Of This Here

We recently wrote about the Obama donors getting 80% of the green energy projects (Big Government and the Washington Post). The green energy industry is filled with crony corruption in this country and abroad. I have written about it extensively.

Yet green energy is the only way to go for some. We want to be healthy and safe. We must preserve our earth. All good things.

Unfortunately, we are extremists now and we do not allow deep water drilling off our shores where every other country has platforms set up to drain our oil from our seabed. This comes at great cost to us and makes us more dependent on foreign oil sources, all of whom have no use for us.

China is one of the world’s big polluters but that is for another article.

What I am building up to is that we are prohibiting deep water drilling so the companies are going to the countries of our enemies.

BP is now going to conduct deep water gas exploration in the South China Sea –

BEIJING – BP PLC has obtained approval from the Ministry of Commerce to explore in theSouth China Sea in what will be the company’s second deepwater project in China.

BP last week received a green light to have a presence in a gas field known as block 43/11,Chen Liming, president of BP China, said on Tuesday. The China National Offshore Oil Corpoperates the field.

Chen said BP will have a roughly 40 percent stake in the block during the exploration periodand a 20 percent share when the project has moved into production.

The ministry’s approval was the final official step needed before the project can begin. Chendid not say when the exploration will start.

BP and CNOOC signed a cooperation agreement for the project during Vice-Premier LiKeqiang’s visit to London in January…Read more: China Daily