College Administration with a Backbone Has Looney Protesters Arrested


Motley Crew
Another college administration with some gumption!

Students at Clemson University occupied a campus building, wouldn’t leave, and ended up being arrested Thursday evening.

Their occupation began with the usual list of demands that included: constructing a multi-cultural center, a safe space for students from underrepresented groups; prosecuting criminally predatory behaviors and defamatory speech committed by members of the Clemson University community (including, but not limited to, those facilitated by usage of social media); more funding for LBGTQA and black people; Tillman Hall is offensive to them and they want it gone; they want diversity training for staff and administration; and so on.

motley protesters

The small group slept in tents and sleeping bags in front of a school building, according to local Fox affiliate WHNS.

They were very upset that there was a Cripmas party more than a year ago. It would be interesting to know how they justify defending the Crips.

Two students had put bananas on a sign for plantation hall which was very unacceptable obviously but instead of reacting normally, this group decided to create a crisis.

The students were warned they would be arrested if they didn’t leave and they were.The protest went on for four days which was four days too long.

It is nice to know that there are still universities in the US where sanity reigns.

Channel 4 gave them a ridiculous amount of credibility. If the students can react this inanely, one must question how they got into college in the first place.

Story via Weasel Zippers and Daily Caller.