Communist Party: Socialism Is the Road to Communism & It Aligns With Obama’s Agenda

Sam Webb of CPUSA, Supporter of Obama & the Democrats

The main obstacle to political progress (Communism/Socialism) in this country is right wing extremism…the Republican Party..

~ Sam Webb

[Editor’s Note: he uses right wing extremism and Republican Party interchangeably, painting all with the same brush as if they are one and the same – pure propaganda]

Obama again endorsed by the Communist Party USA –

In the next video, Communist Party USA Chair Sam Webb presents the foundations of Marxist methodology: How to make change and win millions to socialism in the American political, social and economic framework. [From the CPUSA online site]

Ideas from the video below, if you prefer not to listen –

  1. While they view Obama’s victory as a good start, they need to do more. Obama is on the right path – not extreme enough – but the process in lengthy and people need to be patient.
  2. Webb has no understanding of moderation and views moderation as acceptance of contradictory ideas. He wants to sacrifice liberty for complete government control over all enterprise.
  3. Webb addresses his support of the 1% mantra that is the essence of Obama’s ideology – the class war and hate currently being spread by the unions and the OWS.
  4. Sam Webb, Communist, wants to start with Socialism with the ultimate goal being Communism. He is a strong Obama supporter, blaming Republicans for limiting his inability to turn the USA into a completely Marxist society.
  5. Webb talks about Wall Street, claiming they abandoned Obama. That is a lie. Wall Street is still Obama’s biggest donor.
  6. One of the Communist goals is to destroy the two party system which is their enemy. It is the reason they want a third party – it will be used to destroy the Conservatives and Republicans and our Republic.
  7. Obamacare was such a mild change.
  8. Webb talks about Cuban Socialism, which he obviously likes. He talks about their steps to introduce some private enterprise which is actually meant to strengthen Socialism. The essence is not what appears to be. [Alinsky style manipulation]
  9. Webb fully supports the foul behavior of the unions in Wisconsin. [Donate to Governor Walker, even if you can only give $10 -Click here]
  10. He says the Communists go through the unions, blacks, the schools  – universities, high schools – the people who can move Communism forward.


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