Conservatives Are Blowing It on the Ferguson Report – Maybe, Maybe Not


Redstate‘s Leon Wolf posted an important article on March 15th about the DOJ’s scathing report on the Ferguson Police Department. He brought a reasonable approach to his review of the report, pointing to the political polarization which immediately separates people without giving the evidence proper scrutiny. I’m not sure I agree with him about the report but he made a case for his point of view.

The title of the article is “Many Conservatives are Blowing it on the Ferguson DOJ Report.” Wolf found the report credible and concerning.

Partisan attacks dilute the truth.

The problem is of course that this administration can’t be trusted.

It is important to note that the DOJ saw no need to investigate attacks against inhabitants or police by rioters. Nor did they see the need to investigate the communists, anarchists, New Black Panthers and others who are protesting in Ferguson.

The DOJ appears to have gone into the investigation with the intention of being fair. They found evidence of significant problems that need to be addressed. The report, however, left a lot out.

Ferguson police are focused on generating revenue as are the mayors and police chiefs of surrounding towns. When Eric Holder made the decision to investigate the Ferguson police he promised to investigate other towns in the area if the evidence warranted it.

“I want to make very clear that as this investigation unfolds and as it evolves, we will follow the facts and the law wherever they may lead,” Holder told reporters. “And if at any point we find reason to expand our inquiry to include additional police forces in neighboring jurisdictions, we will not hesitate to do so.”.

Much of the evidence against the Ferguson police is due to the outrageous numbers of tickets they give, however, they are lower than the state average. It’s outrageous and it’s wrong, but the surrounding towns, some of whom are governed by black chiefs and black mayors are worse offenders but they are not being investigated by the DOJ.

When AG Holder began the investigation, he sent his team from the left-wing-heavy Civil Rights Division of the DOJ to investigate. There is a possibility of bias going in.

The DOJ, Eric Holder and Barack Obama are the same people who tried and convicted Officer Darren Wilson before any evidence was in. As it turns out, Michael Brown was a thug and Officer Wilson used appropriate force. There was never any “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.” That was a lie initially spun by Brown’s partner in petty crime, Dorian Johnson.

Eric Holder was disappointed he couldn’t find anything on Officer Wilson. That was clear from his announcement.

What was also clear is he was going to save face somehow and the report did help in that.

Holder has investigated twice as many racial bias claims as any other DOJ. Attorney J. Christian Adams left the DOJ because of bias by Holder against whites. Adams said it was clear that a message was sent to Justice Department attorneys to not prosecute cases against blacks.

When claims of racial bias are made, investigating civil rights groups (in general) always go to ticketing and make it seem as if the bias is causing far more serious crimes than traffic tickets. It’s a tactic.

The Weekly Standard reported that in 2000, Eric Holder, who was then a deputy attorney general under Bill Clinton, took control of the LAPD and, after finding no evidence to support his fishing expedition to prove racial bias in the LAPD, ruled the LAPD would be under a “consent decree” for ten years.

Every aspect of policing in the LAPD was under a microscope for those ten years. It cost a $100 million and untold hours of lost manpower.

Thomas Perez, who was an assistant attorney general for civil rights at the time, told a conference of police chiefs in June 2010 that the Justice Department would be pursuing “pattern of practice” takeovers of police departments much more aggressively than the Bush administration with a push towards hardball tactics such as seeking immediate federal control, the Weekly Standard reported. Perez immediately hired nine left-wing lawyers to help him in his pursuit of social justice.

At the time, the entire fiasco of paper pushing and bureaucratic abuse was in retaliation for Rodney King.

The Ferguson report is shocking and the police practices are unacceptable in Ferguson, but they might be more closely related to political corruption and the hunger for revenue than racial bias.

I linked to the entire 102-page report which you might want to read for yourself.

Some of the horrendous details from the report.

  • The Ferguson Police Department’s approach to law enforcement, the report states, is shaped by the City’s pressure to raise revenue and has resulted in a pattern and practice of constitutional violations.

“Officers violate the Fourth Amendment in stopping people without reasonable suspicion, arresting them without probable cause, and using unreasonable force.”

  • The report states that officers are regularly violating the 1st and 4th amendment rights of citizens.
  • There was evidence of a lack of training on some issues with some officers.
  • Officers were unnecessarily escalating conflicts and the overwhelming majority of force—almost 90%—is used against African Americans.” The population is only 67% black. [The 90% figure is 90% of 151 cases, some involved the killing of animals, that may or may not have been vicious.]

There was an incident in which a canine was unleashed on a 14-year old unarmed black boy. In another incident, a canine was let loose on a black male hiding after being chased for stealing a car but there was no warning. There is no information as to the details, such as were the police in fear of their lives, who said there was no warning – the perpetrator or the officer, and so on.

  • The report said they used the canines not to capture but to inflict punishment. [Without the officers’ side of things being reported, it’s hard to say. It’s horrible if true.]
  • The police are allegedly bullying other vulnerable groups as well.
  • The report states that the court practices and procedural deficiencies create a lack of transparency about rights and responsibilities. This is serious but it’s ironic coming from this administration.
  • There was evidence of needless in-court appearances for most code violations, and obstacles were placed in the way of resolving cases.
  • Penalties for missed payments and appearances were unduly harsh.
  • Racial bias is driving much of it, the DOJ believes based on their review of the evidence.
    • Despite making up 67% of the population, African Americans accounted for 85% of FPD’s traffic stops, 90% of FPD’s citations, and 93% of FPD’s arrests from 2012 to 2014. There were other stats to add to the conclusion.
    • “African Americans are disproportionately represented at nearly every stage of Ferguson law enforcement, from initial police contact to final disposition of a case in municipal court.” the report stated.
    • “Our investigation uncovered direct evidence of racial bias in the communications of influential Ferguson decision makers. In email messages and during interviews, several court and law enforcement personnel expressed discriminatory views and intolerance with regard to race, religion, and national origin,” according to the report.

However, their evidence for that last paragraph it seems was seven emails and three employees who have since left the Ferguson police department.

There is no real reason to disbelieve the DOJ but are we sure we can believe that an entire police department needs to be painted with the same brush?

You can click the link to read the entirety of the 102-page Department of Justice report on the Ferguson PD (“FPD”).

Is the entire department guilty? It’s possible. Large groups can be ruined with a sick culture. Ferguson police won’t be able to defend themselves, however, under threat of a takeover.

If 100% or mostly true, the Ferguson police department needs to change dramatically. Constitutional violations against citizens are unacceptable. That’s already taking place.

I am sorry there isn’t an independent group investigating.

The police are out there every day risking their lives for the citizens and they are being shot at for their efforts. When the police were shot last week, protesters who were interviewed, by-and-large, said they had it coming or they didn’t feel anything for the police.

There are two sides to every story and we might need to know more from the Ferguson police before making a decision about how bigoted they are or are not.

The reality is, however, that Ferguson is over. Officer Wilson is innocent and the police are under scrutiny. Other towns with similar problems are being ignored.

It’s time to move on.

Ferguson is over, close it down as Bill O’Reilly said last night on his show: