Ezekiel Emanuel – Individual Insurance Markets Are Going Away



Ezekiel Emanuel

On Fox News Sunday, Ezekiel Emanuel blatantly lied. He insisted the insurance companies were responsible for dropping the insured. He also falsely claimed people knew they were going to lose their plan.

The government, in fact, made the restrictions so narrow that even a $5 change in a co-pay could cause the policy to become illegal and thus ineligible for grandfathering.

The president pledged that people could keep their plans but the government then deliberately wrote the law to made certain the individual insurance market would close down.

At 2:19, Ezekiel admitted the individual insurance markets were ‘going away.’

“Insurance companies don’t want, insurance companies don’t want the individual market as it’s constructed. They see the future. That individual market is going away. They don’t want to invest in it.”

This was the intent all along.

At 4:20, Ezekiel said people need to be covered for things they don’t need.

He then demonized insurance companies because he wants us to believe that only the government can do healthcare right.

He continually stone-walled.

Emanuel obviously believes that only the government can tell people how to control their healthcare.

The full segment with Ezekiel Emanuel:

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