Fishing Cap & Trade Corruption Is Reaching New Heights – Thank You Walmart


Walmart supports anti-fishing efforts. The story was broken by the NY Times, but the May 31st and June 7th issues of The Fisherman carried the story in more detail.

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Walmart have formed an unholy alliance for “enlightenment and sustainability.” EDF claims they don’t take funding but the truth is that they are being underwritten by Walmart in their efforts to replace the small-business owner-operated fishing industry with a cap and trade version of a catch shares model.

Fishing cap and trade will result in ownership shares being traded away to the wealthiest. This is the problem with all cap and trade schemes.

The Waltons of Walmart have given over $71.8 million to several environmental initiatives and it is feathering their own nest and at least one VP.

Environmental protections are a good thing in moderation but there is nothing moderate about cap and trade. There are many good people being swept up in the corruption that is blanketing the green movement. The good greenies are being pulled into “get-rich” schemes like cap and trade.

The Walton Family Foundation released their 2011 funding report recently and $30.54 million in charitable donations went to marine conservation. This matches their 2010 donations.

The stunning report details the seven major groups who were recipients of the Walton “generosity” –

  • EDF – $9,035,154
  • Conservation International Foundation – $4,986,457
  • Marine Stewardship Council – $3,122,500
  • Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Foundation – $1,934,651
  • Ocean Conservancy – $1,665,146
  • Nature Conservancy – $1,136,832
  • World Wildlife Fund – $992,286

Conservation International received an additional $11,200,000 from Walton for unspecified environmental work.

According to the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA), the EDF, Conservation International, and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) are all direct commissars of fishing cap and trade.

Fisheries are starving as it is and these people want to finish them off. They are taking away the right to open access to our waterways.

Walmart wants to shut down U.S. coastal waters through marine reserves and catch shares. Walmart will benefit from the big money catch shares can bring in.

EDF is stacking regional councils with catch share promoters.

Conservation International is a major player in catch shares according to Rob Walton himself.

It is not only about Walmart. This is a nationwide disaster of regulations and corrupt business takeovers helped along by politicians.

Conservation International’s VP, Dr. Andrew Rosenberg, ex-NOAA and big catch share proponent, has helped build a firm which offers a fisheries program in their suite of professional services – are you surprised?

NOAA has advanced a cap and trade scheme for fishing according to the Scientific American.

To make matters worse, the Obama administration advanced fisheries cap-and-trade back in 2009 and 2010. Obama requested and received substantial amounts of money for “catch share” fisheries during those years. It was an environmental emergency of course – the sky is falling.

Cap & trade fishing regulations are destroying the small business-operated fishing industry nationwide. Divorces and suicides have been reported over it.

Walmart is a big part of the problem.

The Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) announced a boycott of Walmart last year. They are offering anti-Walmart and Walton Family Foundation bumper stickers at or call their offices at 888-564-6732.

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