Hillary Bashes Trump’s Knowledge of the Constitution


During a campaign rally in Lake Worth, Florida, on Wednesday, Clinton called Trump’s failure to concede the election during the third debate “horrifying,” and questioned whether Trump has read the U.S. Constitution.

“When you are sworn in as president, you take an oath. You take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. And listening to Donald Trump’s campaign, I truly doubt that he has ever read the Constitution,” she said. “Or if he did back in school, he certainly doesn’t remember it, and he doesn’t understand — it is the most important founding document for the longest-lasting, greatest democracy in the history of the world.”

One might better ask the question, has Hillary read the Constitution. She doesn’t even know we are supposed to be a Constitutional Republic.

It is her team that has arranged for operatives to follow Trump and Pence around and attempt to start violent confrontations as we can see in the Project Veritas videos. It is Team Clinton that has been in bed with the media and manipulating the American public as we know from Wikileaks.

The following video provides a summary of some of the corruption exposed by the Wikileaks emails. I doubt what she is doing is protected by the Constitution.

Next is a clip of the voter corruption Team Clinton backs. I don’t think the Constitution allows for this.


  1. The number one job of our Gov’t is to protect America. She should look it up before she gives away our Nation to our enemies. Protecting our nation means securing our Borders. I want to scream that there are so many people fighting to take down America. Freedom is worth fighting for !

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