Hillary Clinton Plans an Income Tax on Your Income Tax If You’re Successful


U.S. presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton listens to small business owners as she campaigns for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination at Capital City Fruit in Norfolk


In another effort to distract from her indefensible behavior, Hillary has dropped yet another stinger on the American public for which there is a left-wing defense.

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said in New Hampshire on Monday that she would like to see a 4 percent tax on taxpayers who earn more than $5 million per year.

Like all taxes on the wealthy, it will trickle down to the middle class.

The so-called “surcharge” would generate $150 billion over the next decade, according to a Clinton campaign aide.

The surcharge would come on top of the 39.6% top income-tax rate, not including payroll taxes or a 3.8% tax on unearned income. It effectively creates a new top bracket for the superrich. Currently, the 39.6% bracket applies to taxable income above $466,950 for married couples, the Wall Street Journal reported.

She traveled with Warren Buffet last month to build on the “Buffet rule” to establish a minimum tax rate of 30 percent on those earning more than a million dollars a year. She believes she has the right to steal money from successful people. Buffet is a notorious hypocrite whose companies fight paying taxes.

“I want to go further and impose what I call a fair share surcharge on multi-millionaires because right now, we’re behind and we need to get the wealthy and the corporations to pay for their fair share, so I can keep my promise, which is I will not raise taxes on the middle class,” Clinton said at a campaign stop in Iowa on Monday.

Hillary thinks she has to fend off radical socialist Bernie Sanders who has about a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting elected despite his popularity with leftists in New Hampshire and Iowa. She wants to prove she won’t be beholden to her wealthy donors.