Hillary Tells Students to Default on Their School Loans



Hillary Clinton has a solution for college debt – default – don’t pay the debts you promised to pay. It’s her way of competing with “free college commie” Bernie.

There had to be a translator for this question during last night’s Democrat debate on Univision because the entire debate was in Spanish.  Hillary is now telling them to simply not pay what they owe.

Translator: Secretary Clinton, she said she wants to go to grad school and get a phd. What are you going to do to help her go to grad school and pay off her debts?

CLINTON: Congratulations. We’re going to refinance everyone’s existing student debt. Forty million Americans have student debt. Right now I go around asking people at my events if they know what their interest rate is and the interest rates literally go from like 8% to 14%.

It’s outrageous that at a time when interest rates have been historically low people borrowing money to invest in their education are paying some of the highest interest rates around. And you can refinance your house to get a lower interest rate. Can you refinance your car.

Corporations can refinance their debt.

Under my plan you will be able to also lower your debt, move into a program to pay it back as a percentage of your income and more than that, my plan for debt-free tuition at public colleges and universities will eventually eliminate any student debt.

But for people who have it, I’m going to put a date certain that after a certain number of years, you no longer have to pay anything. The government has to quit making money off of lending money to young people to get their education.

Who will pay this debt? Corporations and the American taxpayer? Not the people who ran it up? How will this make irresponsible colleges own up to their obligations? They’re giving college degree is puppetry and wasting money on luxury dorms and trips to Africa. How about they go back to educating on a college level, dump some frills and stop paying leftist professors exorbitant salaries to work three periods a day of less?

It’s time for truth but we won’t get it. It’s liberals who have ruined higher education. They have made a step up into an albatross around everyone’s neck and Bernie and Hillary plan to double down on it.

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