In Obama’s Upside Down World, the UN Is Our BFF



In his address to the UN, Netanyahu called the UN, the “theatre of the absurd.” Obama, in his address, praised the UN and said they prevented WWIII.

Do you feel like you live in an alternate reality? I do but I live in Netanyahu’s world, not Obama’s. Obama’s world is a crazy, dangerous place.

In his address to the UN, Obama said, “Over nearly seven decades, even as the United Nations helped avert a third world war, we still live in a world scarred by conflict and plagued by poverty.” Huh, what, they did? I’m not feeling the love from them myself. They demonize the U.S. and Israel as a matter of course. Indeed, our President has assisted the UN in this, by referring our own state of Arizona to them for possible human rights abuses, in a strange display of moral equivalence.

Obama has us living in a world where the UN doesn’t accuse and abuse Israel continuously, where Ahmadinejad’s Iran isn’t sitting on the Women’s Human Rights Commission, where Qaddafi’s Libya isn’t chairing the UN Commission on Human Rights, and where Saddam’s Iraq didn’t head the UN Committee on Disarmament. Then again, Obama thinks there are 57 (he thought he might have one more to go to) states (there are 57 member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and that Corpsman is pronounced corpse (as in dead) man.

In 2009, Obama spoke before the Egyptian people in an event sponsored by The Muslim Brotherhood. He later called on the interim Egyptian government to include the Brotherhood in the formation of the new government. Libya, another piece of Obama handiwork, is now experiencing the massacre of its own citizens and black migrant workers. Yemen had the freest and fairest elections in the ME save Israel, but Obama called for “…free and fair elections as soon as possible,” advocating the violence he knew would ensue.  Even in this country, Obama is fomenting a war against the 1%, which is being echoed by unions and far left anarchists occupying Wall Street. Read more about the Obama speech here: Obama thinks the UN saved us from WWIII