Lawlessness: Denver Police Ordered to Stand Down as Vandals Deface Police Memorial


The Denver police union is calling for the police chief’s resignation after they were ordered to stand down while vandals desecrated a police memorial.



Still another #blacklivesmatter rally, depicted as a peaceful protest, had at least two creeps vandalizing a memorial for about a dozen slain police officers killed in the line of duty protecting ingrates like them. Some officers had tears in their eyes as they were ordered by the police chief to not intervene.


The practice is to not intervene in protests. Apparently the practice is also to not intervene in crimes.

This is another example of the breakdown of society when police are made to watch while lawbreakers commit a particularly despicable act of vandalism as their comrades proudly snap pictures. It is also an act of cowardice on the part of the police chief.

How does this juvenile and criminal behavior help the #blacklivesmatter cause in any way?