Leftists War Against Soda With a Junk Study


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The left is after meat, sugar, soda and a whole host of other foodstuffs. Every chance they get, they come up with yet another phony study to promote their agenda. They want to control every single thing we do, even what we eat.

First they told us not to drink coffee, but now it’s actually good. Wine was no good but now red wine is good for your heart. Sugar is not good so use substitutes, oh, wait, they are carcinogens. Chocolate’s out, no chocolate’s in. Butter was out but now it’s in.

You know what? Do everything in moderation and ignore these people.

Nanny Bloomberg, former mayor of New York, tried to abolish movie theater popcorn, salt in restaurants and bottled formula in hospitals.

There is no end!

There is a new useless study out of Sweden that purportedly shows sugary or artificially sweetened sodas might contribute to heart failure. CNN reported it gleefully.

“Researchers followed the food habits of 42,000 Swedish men over 12 years and found that men who drank at least two sweetened beverages a day had a 23% higher risk of going into heart failure,” according to the British Medical Journal.

CNN then went on to elaborate on the horrors of heart failure. The only problem is there was no difference between sugary and non-sugary sodas and they didn’t have controls for things like no exercise!

I checked other articles and they all assumed the study proves sodas cause heart failure and they repeated the original article verbatim with no links to the actual study and no proof. We are just supposed to take their sheeple word for it.

MNT (Medical News Today) went further and wrote that only two or more servings a day increases the risk of heart failure by 23%!

They only studied males but warned it could apply to women but they have no clue because they didn’t study them.

We’ve always heard what’s bad about soda is the sugar, however, The Sun reported this:

Dr Gavin Sandercock of the University of Essex said: “This study is very interesting. It shows there is no difference in the effects of drinks which do or do not contain any sugar.”

The British Heart Foundation reminded people to “be aware” of how much sugar they consumed in drinks.

British Soft Drinks Association chief Gavin Partington said the research was “limited” and that other factors such as lack of exercise were key risks.

The drinks that didn’t have sugar could stop your heart too? The study was limited and didn’t have controls for variables such as lack of exercise?!? Hello? The study is worthless.

These studies are usually just junk to get students grants or PhDs.