Negotiating Our Safety (Border Security) Is Insane


border insecurity

Republicans  are crippling their immigration reform negotiations by discussing something that should be completely non-negotiable.  The safety and security of Americans, especially those living in the border states, should never have become a bargaining chip buried somewhere in a dense, 800 page bill.

Virtually everyone agrees the primary job of our federal government is, to the best of its ability, keep the population free from harm.   Yet, by constantly horse trading over the types  of safeguards made available along our southern boundaries, congressmen are in effect, admitting there has been to this point, and will continue to be, only flawed schemes in place.

It’s just a matter of drawing logical conclusions.  If everything that could be done, had been done effectively, there’d be no need for improvement and the point would mute.  Eleven million illegal aliens living here, make it clear the measures taken have failed miserably.

Now, using that discredited formula as a baseline, D.C. politicians are going to haggle over the degrees of protection to be included in a new immigration law?  How reassuring.  Would anyone go back to a doctor who stubbornly continued to put lives at risk by repeatedly and brazenly ignoring his basic Hippocratic Oath?   Of course not.  An MD who consistently ignored his professional pledge to keep a patient “from harm and injustice”  would soon be an outcast.  Yet Beltway lawmakers, whose primary responsibility can be defined using those very same words, plod ahead, dickering over border security measures, while looking to “make a deal”.

Imagine you’re seriously ill and listening to a couple surgeons arguing over available treatment options.  After a while, you realize they aren’t looking for the surest, most direct route to your cure.  Rather, they’re squabbling over which procedure allows both to say “each side gave a little”.  You’d insist they put your well being first, and if they didn’t you’d send them packing.

It’s time voters treated the politicians the same way.  Demand they honor their most important duty of keeping this nation’s people free “from harm and injustice”.   Before anything else, legislators should pass a stand alone bill that sets very specific, objective criteria for what is considered a secure border.  Include a reasonable timeframe that schedules periodic, measurable reviews of benchmarks.  Once all those standards have been met, subsequent reform legislation can be moved through Congress.

An overwhelming number of Americans want, first and foremost, secure borders.  It should be completely non-negotiable.  That Republicans have included it in the “deal making” is insane.  Time to demand this critical part of immigration law be separated from the current, blubbery bill and brought to a vote.  Let it rise or fall strictly on its own merits.  Look at it as a test to see who among our elected officials are genuine “oath keepers”.