Obama Plans To Facilitate Illegal Immigration With All Expenses Paid


In anticipation of tomorrow’s summit with three Central American leaders, a plan is being considered by this administration…not to stop the illegal immigration from Honduras…but rather to facilitate it and redefine what constitutes a refugee or a humanitarian need.

The clincher is Obama is considering letting the U.N. handle it.


Falsely claiming it will stop the surge, Obama is considering allowing hundreds (which will quickly turn into thousands) of minors and young adults from Honduras (and possibly Guatemala and El Salvador) into the country without their having to travel through Mexico.

The U.S. officials would go to Honduras and screen thousands of children and young adults to consider them refugees or eligible on emergency humanitarian grounds.

This is according to the NY Times which often sets off trial balloons for this administration.

It’s the first American refugee program. Maybe we could extend this to the entire world. Why stop at Central America?

A refugee to Obama is anyone who wants to come here from a socialist or communist nation and who is likely to vote Democratic.

If that isn’t enough, the administration will do it through executive action without congressional approval, though obviously, by their inaction, Congress is giving tacit approval.

Supposedly this will slow the rush.

Barack Obama could follow the law and send the illegals home but instead, he will ship more in at taxpayer expense so the would-be illegals don’t have to make the dangerous journey. He is not talking only children, in fact, maybe no children, he’s talking mostly about young adults. Will the age limit be 35 as it was for DREAMers? Then will we have to take their families in because we can’t separate families?

The plan, to be decided solely by the president and his agencies, will allegedly cost up to $47 million over two years if 1,750 people are accepted. We have 200 times that number coming in.

This won’t slow the run on the border, it will increase it and weave a new outrageous policy and Big Government program into the tapestry of government.

The pilot program would be set up in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. At the present time, 15% of the population of Honduras live in the U.S. How many will be enough?

Obama will have to redefine the meaning of “refugee” which shouldn’t be hard for him since he has a pen and a phone.

The administration plans to make use the words “social group” which are in the law as a way to accept these foreigners. That’s broad enough to qualify anyone – just give them a social label.

All those accepted will be immediately eligible for free housing, medical, food, and an income at taxpayer expense.

The government is considering having the UNITED NATIONS handle it!!! The dictators in the U.N. who hope to see our demise would handle it!!!

The meeting between the presidents of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador and Barack Obama, the coyote-in-chief, will take place tomorrow. It will be another Obama disaster.