Maiduguri Asks the Indifferent World to 'Please Pray for Us", Monguno Is Lost

When Russia Invades Our Allies, Mr. Obama Will Be Golfing in Hawaii

Islam: History of the 'Dark and Bloody' Caliphate

DHS Chief: No One Will Be Detained in the United States Because They're Here Illegally

Islam: History of the ‘Dark and Bloody’ Caliphate

radical Islam

Most Muslims live a peaceful life dedicated to God, however, there are many, hundreds of millions by many accounts, who do not. Hundreds of thousands would be the best case scenario. The more than a billion peaceful Muslims are among the targeted victims of radical Islam. Those who try to completely separate Islam from radical…

Iran Threatens to Attack Israel from the West Bank


In retaliation for an Israeli drone strike in Iraq that killed a dozen Iranian and Hizbollah operatives, Iran has promised to attack Israel from the West Bank, The Times of Israel reports. The Israeli air strike, according to The Jerusalem Post, was either to disrupt an imminent attack planned by Hezbollah and Iran or a routine interdiction of a Hezbollah convoy…

Illegals, Illegal Aliens – Racist or Descriptive?

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Political Correctness (PC) has become a tool by which the overly-polite and leftists with ulterior motives can take away our free speech. It’s especially problematic when it affects the very nature of our Republic and our freedoms. A newspaper in Santa Barbara has taken PC on as a cause. They use the terms “illegals” and…

Obama’s Policies Are Putting Us on an Irreversible Path

Megyn, Krauthammer

Barack Obama’s policies have put the U.S. on a dangerous and soon-to-be irreversible path that is leaving the U.S. and her allies more-and-more isolated. The time will come when we will have no avenue by which to attack our enemy should it become necessary. There is no sign that the policies will change because the ideology to which…