George Will Sells Out America

How Stupid Is Labor Secretary and Potential VP Tom Perez? Very Apparently!

While We All Look at the Shiny Object, California Is Passing Absurd Gun Laws

FBI Is Reportedly Livid And Loretta Lynch Thinks We Are All Morons

FBI Is Reportedly Livid And Loretta Lynch Thinks We Are All Morons


Bret Baier said this morning, “We have a well-placed source in the FBI who says that FBI agents are livid about this meeting between the attorney general and the former president, not just because of the optics and the bad appearance but also because Bill Clinton is a potential target, a potential witness intricately involved…

Chilling Message to Fox News from Your Government

These are our values now.

Behind locked doors, where statists do their best work and under the guise of an FEC investigation, a vote was cast on allegations that Fox broke the law during the first presidential debate in Cleveland. The Feds have been looking to reach into network decisions of political coverage for years. “I think it’s dangerous any…

Answers For Those Who Hate Making America Great

Tavis Smiley

By Anthony Stark During his appearance on Face the Nation, Tavis Smiley posed three questions that he claimed he needed to know… or perhaps, given the obvious nature of the response, pretended to need to know… the answers to. Relating the candidacy of Donald Trump to events surrounding the Brexit, Smiley states: “Donald Trump and…