Defining anti-Semitism: fact vs. fiction

Is Word Banning the Book Burning of the 21st Century?

Bernie Sanders Race Baits on the Occasion of a Deputy's Execution

Wait Until You See What the Department of Education Is Going to Do to Us

Defining anti-Semitism: fact vs. fiction


by JNS A mock checkpoint set up during “Israeli Apartheid Week” in May 2010 on the University of California, Los Angeles campus. Credit: Courtesy AMCHA Initiative. By R. Amy Elman/ As the 10-campus University of California system considers the adoption of the U.S. State Department’s definition of anti-Semitism, there are critics who seek to discredit the…

Is Word Banning the Book Burning of the 21st Century?

white and privileged

Maybe PC has gone too far when Wonder Woman is banned from children’s lunch boxes and the use of the words “male” and “female” warrant failing grades. Check out this week’s political correctness on college campuses and decide if it is the new book burning, an invented controversy as the left claims or something in between. Campus…

Dr. Carson Makes the Case for Cutting This Big Government Department

dr ben carson

Dr. Ben Carson is polling well among GOP hopefuls. He’s described by some as slow and steady. He gains attention with comments like those he made on Dave Ramsey’s show Wednesday. Any time a candidate says “the size of government needs to be reduced,” limited government Republicans listen. Carson told Dave Ramsey that Veteran’s Affairs is one department that…

Who’s Not #Ready for Hillary: Thousands Who Died Fleeing the Libya She Destroyed

Hillary Clinton

by Director Blue You know who’s not #ReadyForHillary? The thousands who’ve died fleeing the Libya she destroyed‏ Hillary Clinton is directly responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in the Mediterranean Sea as the death toll of those who drowned fleeing her destabilized Libya approaches 2,500. Rescue workers counted dozens of victims Friday from the increasingly desperate tide…

All Lives Better Start Mattering

Shannon J Miles

It’s only racism if it’s white against black and it’s reasonable for black racists to threaten the lives of law enforcement and white people because they are victims. That’s the ideology leftists promote and we see the effects of that in the murder of Sheriff’s Deputy Goforth on Friday. Barack Obama’s America is a divided America where we…