Debate Rundown: How to Destroy Capitalism in Four Years

Why These Two Republicans Mustn't Be President

Scathing Report Exposes EPA and DOI Lies, Incompetence, and Cover Up of Toxic Spill

FBI Investigation Heats Up: Hillary Can't Be Saved

Debate Rundown: How to Destroy Capitalism in Four Years


There is no way individual liberty and Capitalism survive a Bernie or Hillary presidency. We are barely hanging on now. The corruption we are seeing in the Democrat primaries is what we can expect from them if the Democrats continue in the highest office in the land. Hillary Clinton has totally corrupted the Democratic National…

Why These Two Republicans Mustn’t Be President

Jeb Bush

Governor Kasich and former Governor Bush might as well be Democrats. They will at best keep the status quo and compromise with the overpowering Democrats. They are not what we need when our Republic is facing collapse. They’re weak and unaware. Governor John Kasich is a nice man and his father was a postman, however,…

FBI Investigation Heats Up: Hillary Can’t Be Saved


Watch the latest video at Anyone who believes that the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server is trivial is fooling themselves. It’s extremely serious and she cannot be saved. Hillary Clinton shared Top Secret emails with her aides, people who were not authorized to receive classified emails, and she did it…

Trump’s Curious Tweet

Donald Trump

The Trump tweet posted below is one I didn’t expect. Trump is running as a Republican and is wooing Conservatives. This appears to put mainstream Republicans and Conservatives in the same category of ineffectiveness. Trump is referring to Ted Cruz as ineffective no doubt but is Trump saying he’s not a Conservative? On the other…

DOJ’s Ferguson Lawsuit Suggests Federal Abuse of Powers


The U.S. Department of Justice is suing the city of Ferguson, Mo., for unjust policing that violates the civil and constitutional rights of citizens, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced Wednesday. Ferguson protests and investigations were based on the now fully debunked “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” lie promoted by the White House and far-left groups. The…

Constitutional Lawyer Explains Slavery and the Flint Water Crisis


KrisAnne Hall, a constitutional lawyer and a former chemical analyst who served in the military, explains what is really going on in Flint. Abuse by government is the problem and it’s a bipartisan problem. Ms. Hall says we are watching a ridiculous display about government power and there are lessons about freedom we should be…