More Victims of Far-Left Angst

80-Year Old Woman Saves Her Husband's Life with a GUN!

No One's Worried About the ISIS Hackers' Hit List of 3600 Ordinary New Yorkers

Stunning Fall of Hillary's 'Real News' Network

More Victims of Far-Left Angst

Thanks to the far-left animal activists, we will have a Sea World without killer whales and a circus without elephants.…

More Victims of Far-Left Angst


Thanks to the far-left animal activists, we will have a Sea World without killer whales and a circus without elephants. In saner times, this would never have happened. Will people still go to a circus without elephants? I won’t but we have yet to see what others think. What do you think? Ringling Bros. and…

80-Year Old Woman Saves Her Husband’s Life with a GUN!


An intruder who appeared to be looking for prescription drugs stabbed a 75-year old man in the abdomen in Western Washington. His 80-year old wife, trained in firearms, went for her gun emptied it into the stranger, saving her husband, herself and her 45-year old son who was in the house at the time.  …

Stunning Fall of Hillary’s ‘Real News’ Network

hillary felon

Al Gore sold his channel to Al Jazeera and the left embraced them though they are clearly propaganda for radical Islamists. Iraq has just shut down Al Jazeera for ‘instigating violence and sectarianism.” It’s already banned in Egypt and a number of other Middle Eastern nations but it’s not banned here though their TV station…

Bombastic Billionaire Exposing Dem Blue Collar Betrayal

work on the wall

What’s being kept under the radar in this craziest of election seasons is that Democrats are in huge trouble with their blue collar base. There are two basic reasons. One, these long time, loyal supporters are fed up with being taken for granted and treated like fools. Two, they’ve grown frustrated watching their party not…

7 Quick Lessons from Socialists at the Trump Rally

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Donald Trump has become the flashpoint for the open-borders-communist movement to overturn capitalism and traditional America and these are the revolutionaries. Making America great again is not part of the plan We picked up 7 quick lessons from the anti-Trump rallies and here they are. 1.They want Communism, though they like to use the slightly…

Convicted Criminals Have a New PC Name


The latest from the administration is a new term for convicted criminals. They will now be known as ‘justice involved individuals’. The Equal Opportunity Employment Office has made it all but illegal to not hire former criminals and Obama is giving early release to some dangerous criminals. He’s also putting tens of thousands of illegal…

Real War on Women: Enslaving Them to Government

Jackie Spier

First the government decided to put women in combat, then they let them join elite forces they don’t qualify for by lowering the standards, then they decided they should sign up for the draft. Isn’t this a war on women? House lawmakers took a large step toward putting female soldiers on the front lines on Wednesday,…