Baltimore's Really Great Mom

Baltimore Protester - "We Shouldn’t Be Moralizing Peoples’ Anger"

Pastors Tell Police to Hang Back So They Can Stop the Violence

CNN Reporter Feeds Victimization Nonsense to Blacks in Baltimore

Baltimore’s Really Great Mom

Mom catches her son rioting

This is a mom I appreciate. She’s a woman after my own heart as she “slaps” her son “silly” for taking part in the riots. Her son will thank her one day. This boy’s chances of joining a gang just went to zero!

Baltimore Burning

Balt burning

All four corners of Baltimore are burning, especially West Baltimore. Police are undermanned, the situation is chaotic, and police are being attacked by bottles, bricks, rocks. There is rioting on every block and stores are being burned down and looted. The mobs are forcing the police to back up. Police might be under orders to back down. Pastors told…

Sheriff Clarke – “Social Order in Baltimore Is Totally Collapsed, These Cops Were Led Into Slaughter”

Sheriff Clarke

The police were in full retreat in Baltimore all day and evening. They were continuously pushed back by mobs. Sheriff Clarke said “the social order in Baltimore is totally collapsed…it’s a failure of leadership, the poor cops were led into slaughter, they didn’t have the resources…there obviously wasn’t a plan to deal with this thing…” He…