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Why Is the EPA Giving Grants at All, Much Less to Foreigners and Marxists


The EPA is functioning as a radical Socialist institution on a number of fronts and no less so than in grant-giving. Whoever started the practice of having government agencies hand out tax dollars to support their latest “cause” should be flogged. It’s corrupt and it allows unelected bureaucrats to pass tax dollars through even more hands. Some…

Rand Paul on the Non-Disappearing Phone Records Collection Program


The government is telling us they did away with the phone records collection program. They were supposed to turn the information over to private entities but they haven’t done it. They voted to do it but that’s as far as it got. Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul on Sunday warned that the intelligence community is…




A new Quinnipiac University poll surveying likely Republican caucus-goers released Tuesday shows Ted Cruz in a virtual tie with Donald Trump in Iowa, a caucus state. He has support from conservatives in that state.

Donald Trump is at 25% and Texas senator Ted Cruz is at 23%. He doubled his support from October when he had 10%.

Usually the news will report something like, Rubio has soared, tripled his numbers, and you find he is at 11%, but the Cruz jump is significant and puts him as a serious contender.

Ben Carson dropped 10 points to third with 18%. His supporters are moving to Cruz in all likelihood.

Marco Rubio, the Florida senator and new Establishment favorite comes next at 13%.

Sen. Paul is outside the margin of error at 5%, Jeb Bush is at 4%, and Carly is now at 2%.

Only 2% of Iowa Republicans are undecided.

Donald Trump leads with those who say they are somewhat conservative and with those Republicans describing themselves as liberal or moderate.

Trump’s supporters include 51% who say they’ve made up their minds.

Carson is still most liked at 79%, Cruz is next at 73%, Rubio is at 70%, and Trump is at 59%.

Most Republicans put the economy and jobs first at 24% and terrorism comes in next at 15%. Illegal immigration came in fourth after the federal deficit at 10%.

And 88% were worried to some degree about the Paris attacks.

When it comes to economy and terrorism, Trump leads Cruz who is next up 49% to 11% and 30% to 20% respectively.

In New Hampshire, Donald Trump keeps his commanding lead, keeping up support from conservatives, Republicans and the independents who say they’re coming into the GOP primary to vote for him. This month finds Marco Rubio nearly doubling his support and pushing into second place but he’s only at 13 percent, though he has passed Cruz and Carson.

The NH averages from realclearpolitics:

NH poll

Trump posted the new national poll on Twitter.



The EU Is Becoming a Muslim Continent

Migrants Cross Into Slovenia

Pat Buchanan warned Americans today that Europe is morphing into a Muslim continent if things as they are remain unchanged. Commentator Pat Buchanan spoke with radio host John Catsimatidis on his Sunday radio show “The Cats Roundtable” AM 970 in New York, where they discussed terrorism and immigration in light of the Syrian refugee crisis. The former adviser to…