Abortion Debates Are Moving Towards Killing Born-Alive Babies

NY Dems Menace Voters Who Might Stay Home Election Day

Heartbreaking Press Conference With Wife of Murdered Sheriff's Deputy Danny Oliver

Attacking Ferguson Police, Betraying the Country to the U.N. And The Obama Mafia

Abortion Debates Are Moving Towards Killing Born-Alive Babies

22 week old baby

h/t Rosalie Hansen Two days ago, College Fix reported that pro-life activists say they are encountering more and more college students who believe in post-birth abortion. One even suggested that killing a child 4 or 5 years of age might be okay because the children are “not aware”. While the article only deals with anecdotal and hearsay evidence, since abortion…

NY Dems Menace Voters Who Might Stay Home Election Day


The desperate New York State Democratic Party sent out bully letters to their constituents warning them that they will be monitored. They plan to review voting records to see who didn’t vote. The punishment will be a letter in their file. Specifically, the party will want to know why they didn’t vote. Newsday said it’s…

ObamaCare Exchanges Are Medicaid For All


h/t Herb Richmond Benjamin Domenech of the Heartland Institute put together a nice summary of what’s happening with ObamaCare which I’ve duplicated in part in this post. What’s happening is it’s becoming Medicaid for all. You can’t keep your doctor or your health plan for starters and you were lied to about that. My congressman, Tim Bishop kept…

Global Warming, The New Political Science Of Our Era

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The article summarized below was sent to me by my friend at Popular Technology. The biggest problem for me in the climate change/global warming debate is it’s more political science than science and it’s being manipulated by politicians. President Obama has taken over the climate change/global warming debate and made the science into a political science…

War on Women Fails in Westchester, NY (and Why)‏

Tom Reed

By Arthur Christopher Schaper The Democratic Party’s War on Women rhetoric has hit epic fail levels. From the conservative Republican women running for office, to the ongoing allegations and confirmations of Democratic lawmakers behaving badly toward women (Bob Filner of San Diego, Anthony Weiner of New York, John Edwards of North Carolina), and now outright…

Joe Biden Hopes To Break The Backs Of Conservatives


Divisive, disgraceful Joe Biden campaigned this week for Bruce Braley who is running for the Senate in Iowa. He told his audience in Davenport that Democrats keeping control of the Senate would “break the back of the hard right” and help end Congressional gridlock. As if it were even possible to break the gridlock with Harry…