Obama Legitimizes Illegal Immigration With A New American Task Force

Ferguson: What Obama Has Wrought Is Coming to 90 Cities

Obama Said the Constitution 'Reflects Some Deep Flaws', We Obviously Need Open Borders

Watcher's Council Winners!

Watcher's Council Winners!

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match…

Obama Legitimizes Illegal Immigration With A New American Task Force


In order to entrench the new unconstitutional mandate on illegal immigration, Barack Obama has formed a New American Task Force to integrate the “temporarily” illegal aliens into our society. He didn’t let any grass grow under his feet. In a release on the White House website, it said that the “President is creating a White House Task Force…

Ferguson: What Obama Has Wrought Is Coming to 90 Cities

Occupiers take over

Barack Obama is a supporter and an instigator of the Ferguson riots. He hopes to parlay Ferguson into a national movement which he can use to force more big government on the American public. Ferguson is out of control and he is no small part of it. The Ferguson and Jennings schools will be closed Monday…

Obama Will Create A Constitutional Crisis With A Memo Tonight


President Obama will illegally rewrite immigration law this evening via memorandum. President Obama has been fundamentally changing our country with innocent-sounding presidential memorandums for years. He will grant temporary amnesty to about 5 million people and work permits for another million foreigners. Why would anyone come here legally? We incentivize illegal immigration. Illegals are already flooding attorney’s offices with…

Study Concludes That FEMA Should Be Terminated


The study summarized below takes a wide-ranging look at federal spending on disaster preparedness and relief, and also examines the national flood insurance program. It looks at everything from the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 to Katrina in 2005. It concludes that FEMA should be terminated. By Chris Edwards Under the U.S. Constitution, the powers…

Sen.Ted Cruz’ Recommendations For Handling Obama on Immigration

Ted Cruz

Barack Obama responded to the wave election which was clearly an indictment of his policies. He will act completely lawlessly, starting with immigration. Many wonder what Republicans will do to stop Barack Obama from ending deportations of people here illegally. Most believe they will respond to this constitutional crisis in a feeble manner. The situation…

Primetime Tonight: Obama Crosses the Rubicon – More Videos


If Barack Obama legalizes 5 million people this evening, it will be virtually impossible to find out who among the people here illegally are lying and who aren’t. USCIS can’t possibly handle a workload of that magnitude and they will do what they did with DACA – rubber stamp everyone with any so-called proof of…

Boxer’s Immigration Stance, and the Truth


by Arthur Christopher Schaper Junior US Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California) delivered the following letter (partially reprinted below in italics) to President Obama and for public release on November 17, 2014. Referring to the US Senate’s comprehensive reform legislation from 2013, the senator pleaded with the President to enact needed reforms without Congressional approval or authorization. US Senator Barbara…