FEC Democrat-Fascists Push for Censorship of Fox, NY Post, WSJ, NY Times

Hillary Says Bernie Supporters Are #Basement Dwellers

Reality Check! Hillary's America

Another Reporter Caught Trumping Up a Story About an Abusive Trump

Hillary Says Bernie Supporters Are #Basement Dwellers


In Hillary’s America, we won’t be treated any better than we are now — it will only get worse from here. She’s running for the highest office in the land and is on her best behavior. She recently insulted every Trump supporter — half of them are deplorables and the other half are enablers. Apparently,…

Reality Check! Hillary’s America


The first video is not Iraq, it’s Michigan. Why people want to come here and recreate the hellhole they left is unclear but that’s what unassimilated people tend to do. Democrats insist new immigrants be unassimilated and we be made into multiculturalists who adapt to them and welcome it. Not to single out Muslims, they only…

Democrat Group in Virginia Registers Some Dead People to Vote


The FBI is investigating HarrisonburgVotes, a Democrat group that turned in the names of dead people who registered to vote as Democrats in the key swing state of Virginia. This is why Democrats don’t want voter ID laws. The Breeze, the student newspaper of James Madison University, reported that the applications were submitted by a…

Hillary Picks Her Favorite World Leader…Lots of Luck America!!!


Lots of luck America! Hillary Clinton’s most admired world leader is open borders Merkel who has done such harm to her country. Is this real life? @HillaryClinton: "I like a lot of the world leaders. One of my favorites is Angela Merkel." pic.twitter.com/2qYK1dtIUc — #BasketOfDeplorables (@betioserrano) September 30, 2016 Hillary never rejects failure by a…

Coughing Hillary Is Back, Screaming at Her Teeny Crowds


Hillary picked up a few points in polls after Monday’s debate. As it turns out, the mics were rigged as Mr. Trump said. It sounded as if he was sniffling the entire time. You can read the statement on this link. However, she is back with her usual panache. Hillary spoke to yet another teeny turnout of supporters…