Shirley Temple Dies at 85 – RIP



Shirley Temple Black  (April 23, 1928 – February 11, 2014)

Shirley Temple Black was the curly-haired little doll in numerous 1930s films, including “Bright Eyes” and “Curly Top.” She was known as America’s Little Darling.

LittleMissMarker 1934

Little Miss Marker 1934

At age 17, she married the handsome soldier Jack Agar, who became an actor.  They had her daughter Linda Susan was born, but Agar’s problems with drinking and other pressures caused the marriage to end in divorce and go back to her maiden name.Shirley76

Shirley and her first husband in 1945

She later met her soulmateCharles Black, a naval officer and he was her husband until his death August 4, 2005. They had two children, Lori and Charlie Jr.

Marriage 195

Marriage 1950

After her entertainment career ended, she served as a U.S. ambassador to the UN Ghana and Czechoslovakia.She was the first woman to serve as US Chief of Protocol. She was finishing her two volume autobiography at the time of her death.

Her survivors include three children, a granddaughter and two great-granddaughters.

She was most famous as a child star and never achieved the same fame in adult films. She was supposed to play the part of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz but the studio wouldn’t release her and the part was given to Judy Garland.

Shirley08Shirley and her father, a banker, signing a contract in 1934. Shirley started dancing at age 3 and was spotted by two producers.

Shirley Temple received The Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actor’s Guild in 2006:

‘When I grow up’ from Curly Top in 1935: