Tucker Destroys CNN’s ‘Fake News’ Critic Brian Stelter

Brian Stelter, the man has teeth, we’ll give him that.

Brian Stelter who rails against ‘fake news’ on CNN, retweeted the ‘fake news’ story about Adam Saleh, the fake news prankster who likes to make all Americans into racists with his hoaxes. His last prank/lie was to tell the world Delta threw him off the plane for speaking Arabic.

It hurts a business like Delta and it’s not true, but he left the retweet up and CNN stands by him.

Stelter’s show, ironically, is called ‘Reliable Sources’.

Tucker Carlson and Joe Concha roasted him two nights ago and he looks like a fool by the time they get done with him.

This is the guy who complained that his show didn’t get as much legitimacy as so-called fake news. He IS the fake news.

The link takes you to more information about the prankster/liar:

Muslim YouTube Star/Hoaxer Lied About Delta Throwing Him Off for Speaking Arabic