US Taxpayers Give $150 Million to Palestinian Terrorists



Murderers and terrorists being released from Israeli prisons.

Remember those terrorists we pushed Netanyahu into releasing from Israeli prisons as part of the faux peace talks with the Palestinians? The US administration gave the Palestinian Authority $150 million in aid and they in turn are doling out $15 million to some or all of those prisoners.

Palestinians are calling the great giveaway ‘Dignified Life Grants’ for the more than 5,000 convicted terrorists.

Is the money going directly from the US accounts to the terrorists’ accounts? Hard to say, but they wouldn’t have been able to do it without our aid.

We give the PA $400 million per year. It’s not supposed to go to terrorists and radical causes but we  have always known that we don’t have any way to control it.

One of the prisoners who could be eligible is Mustafa al-Haj, the vicious criminal who murdered a US-born settler hiking in the West Bank in 1989.

I sure want my tax money to go to him!

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