Andrew Breitbart Explains His Epiphany on Cultural Marxism

file photo of Andrew Breitbart, conservative warrior.
file photo of Andrew Breitbart, conservative warrior.

Andrew Breitbart was an icon to conservatives and his death was a tremendous loss, but we can still learn from his wisdom. The video below is a case in point. Breitbart saw the danger of cultural Marxism before most people. Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly also saw the threat to a lesser degree and wrote a book about it — The Culture Wars.

In the video, Breitbart discusses the transforming of the United States by pushing cultural Marxism with critical theory in his book — Righteous Indignation. Breitbart addressed the Frankfort School and his one great epiphany to explain what is happening in this country.

The disciples of the Frankfort School wanted to find a way to spread Marxism.

When Marxists bred in the Frankfort School came to the United States, to California, they were depressed by the productivity and success of the Capitalism around them. They came up with multiculturalism and political correctness as vehicles for spreading Marxism. They turned the friction that naturally exists between rich and poor and converted it into oppressor and oppressed.

Breitbart also discussed Saul Alinsky in the video and his ties to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Alinsky was able to transfer cultural Marxism into rules and bring it down to a street war level, Breitbart said.


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