Dick Cheney on the ‘Full of Crap’ Torture Report – Videos


Update: 10/14/14: Apparently the enema torture referred to is a rectal feeding tube used to comply with Geneva conventions in the case of prisoners who attempt to starve themselves. Details on this link.


Former VP Dick Cheney said the torture report released by Sen. Dianne Feinstein Tuesday is “full of crap’. He said we were justified in doing it and he’d do it again in a minute.

The prisoners were not covered by the Geneva Convention and they did what they had to do, he said, adding that the detainees at GITMO were treated well.

One of the “tortures” that sounded particularly disgusting was the “anal hydration” which I won’t describe here. So far, no one connected to the CIA ever heard of it. Jose Rodriguez Jr, the former CIA official who oversaw the program, was on The Kelly Show last night and he said he never heard of it. He said he doesn’t know what they’re talking about. He thinks it was a medical procedure and that it was definitely not a CIA technique. He knew nothing of the tummy slaps either.

The White House thinks our values are being assailed when we waterboard a terrorist, but when it’s droning, it’s not. Would you rather be waterboarded or droned?

Listen to Jose Rodriguez Jr:


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