EPA Will Soon Seize Control of America’s Electric Power Grid



The current administration and the future Democrat administrations have promised to seize complete control of the energy industry to destroy fossil fuels. The Democrats have the EPA writing legislation to make it happen.

Barack Obama promised coal companies that if they wanted to build a coal-fired plant, they could but he’d bankrupt them.

He followed through by pushing Peabody Energy Corp. Arch Coal, Alpha Natural Resources, Patriot Coal and Walter Energy into Chapter 11.

He has his Democrat States Attorneys General investigating Peabody for not believing in his extreme climate change mantra. They plan to prosecute Exxon Mobil and a Libertarian think tank, American Enterprise Institute, for not abiding by their dictum. They say they will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. These companies are not only banned from having free speech, they are being compelled to speak as the government requires. Read the story at The Washington Post.

Robert Murray, CEO and owner of Murray Energy Corporation, said it was a war on fossil fuels which it is of course.

Should a president be allowed to violate the Constitution because he wants power and control to implement his ideals without regard for the peoples’ wishes? If a government agency can make the laws, can we call ourselves a free nation, a Republic? It is an illegal effort to use the Clean Air Act of 1971 to transform our electric power system into an arm of the Executive Branch to destroy fossil fuels.

Murray told an audience at a Texas Public Policy Foundation last November that Obama’s so-called “Clean Power Plan” is a “political power grab of America’s power grid.”

That is obvious.

Dr. Larry Bell pointed out in an article in Newsmax that a Duke University study has estimated that 50,000 coal jobs were lost between 2008 and 2012. The Energy Information Administration’s 2013 data reported losses of about 10,000 more (another 10 percent of the industry workforce), with Appalachia, Utah, eastern Kentucky, and southern West Virginia taking huge hits.

Whole towns across America ranging from Wyoming- to Virginia-to Pennsylvania have been, and continue to be decimated.

Bell, an endowed professor of space architecture at the University of Houston, continued, A 2015 McKinsey and Company study shows that the entire U.S. coal industry is now bankrupt, with all producers together lacking the $45 billion needed to fund their current debts and employee and reclamation liabilities.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration reports that coal companies have lost a combined $30 billion in stock market value since 2010, with much of that hemorrhage bleeding value from worker 401(k) pensions.

One-third of our electricity is provided by coal, down from a half when Obama took office. Another third comes from natural gas. Bell believes natural gas is next on EPA’s hit list.

About 20 percent comes from slightly more than 100 geriatric nuclear plants. Most of the rest (about 7 percent) comes from hydropower, a truly renewable, clean and economical power source that turns many Greenies purple with rage, Bell wrote.

Hillary has promised to fire the coal workers and close up the businesses. She will bail out the unions with tax dollars and find jobs for them in unsustainable, big government union jobs.

She promised fracking will exist nowhere.

Natural gas is responsible for almost all of the decrease in CO2 emissions but that doesn’t matter and the reason it doesn’t matter is because this is about control, not the climate.

There hasn’t been any statistical warming for two decades, yet the emergency continues for the power grabbers.

These people are nuts!



Source: Newsmax



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