Gay Activist Says Trump Is the Most Pro-Gay Republican Nominee Ever


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Lt. Col. Peters called it today.

“I wish President Obama would spend more energy protecting Americans and a little bit less defending Islam. His claim was absolutely dishonest and disingenuous. The idea that the words would make a positive difference. Indeed, using the correct terminology , jihad, Islamist fanaticism , radical Islam … That has legal implications, it has strategic implications, in fact. It has military implications.”

Donald Trump is the one who is out there saying he will protect gays and all of us. One gay activist agrees. I give him credit – he will get lambasted by the radical left.

“Donald Trump is the most pro-gay Republican nominee ever. For me, terrorism and our safety in this world is an LGBT issue. For me, health care is an LGBT issue. For me, retirement security is an LGBT issue. For me, jobs is an LGBT issue. All of those issues impact the LGBT community. I have no doubt that the Donald Trump presidency would be better for LGBT Americans.”

Democrats can’t keep us safe. They don’t even know what we are up against. Obama thinks radical Islamists are not Islamists and he won’t even defeat them. Then he lies and pretends Trump is going to stop immigration of all Muslims.

How dare the GOP RINOs side with the Socialist Obama. They are committing suicide and don’t even know it. They were not elected to side with Obama. They never should side with a Democrat.

Lindsey Graham is out defending Obama instead of Trump. Do we need any more information?

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