Hagel: US Shouldn’t Bomb Iran If Israel Is Attacked


hagel the dunce

Hagel is a complete moron. He believes that if Israel is faced with an existential threat by Iran, the US shouldn’t be thinking about bombing Iran.

Instead, according to him, we need to hold discussions with these fascist dictators in Iran and Syria. What parallel universe does he live in?

I guess we should have asked Osama bin Laden to chat and all would have been well back on 9/11/01. Perhaps Amb. Stevens didn’t hold enough talks before the last 9/11 attack.

In the following video from 2008, Hagel’s mostly incoherent and self-serving response leads to one conclusion – Israel should not be defended with force. He is more concerned about Israel’s nukes than Iran’s.

He blathers on in the video about engaging Iran and Syria. Really? Syria’s Assad has murdered 60,000 of his own people. Iran’s only goal is to get the bomb to completely control the mid-East and whatever else they can control. Does he really believe they can be reasoned with?

A person in the audience asks him what should happen if Israel is faced with an existential threat and he responds in his typical fashion. It’s only three minutes, check it out.

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Breitbart is reporting that he went to five colleges and was a “D” student. He had to take English Comp. five times. He went on to serve his country honorably and received two purple hearts to be fair.

Interestingly, he told Congress during his 1/31 confirmation hearing that his paid speeches are private and not videotaped. This came from one of those speeches and it was videotaped. Did he lie?

Lindsey Graham said he will block the Hagel nomination! Yea! Go Lindsey!

Please contact your Senators and tell them not to confirm Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. How can we allow this man to represent our military?

Senate email here
Capitol switchboard (202) 224-3121

Information on Hagel here and here.

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