Half of LA Firefighter heroes will soon be kicked to the curb


If you will remember, Firefighters and paramedics were among the heroes designated as essential workers during the pandemic. Unfortunately, they are now vaccine villains facing termination in a number of cities.

Probably the most dramatic is Los Angeles where half of the city employees are unvaccinated.

In August the Los Angeles City Council voted 13-0 to approve a law requiring all city employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Since then, a group of more than 600 L.A. City firefighters have banded together to sue the city of Los Angeles to prevent the mandate from being enforced. The department has 1,000 to 2,000 calls a day. Who will answer them?

While the results of that lawsuit are yet to be determined, come October 20th, those firefighters who have not been fully vaccinated will be terminated. At present, that means approximately 1,600. That is almost half of the 3200 LAFD personnel.

These are people who risk their lives every day they work fighting fires of which California has a large number.

The vaccines don’t even prevent spread as CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said recently. People no longer have a choice when it comes to drugs they inject into their bodies. They were ordered to get vaccinated with a drug that has no long-term studies or lose their jobs.

For some people, freedom is more important than getting vaccinated with a drug they don’t trust.



  1. All part of the plan for the final descent into chaos and every man for himself.
    Most are not ready for the law of the jungle but the comrades don’t care and want rivers of gore with a high body count or collateral damage in the Long March to burn it all down by any means necessary.

    O/T-Breaking-Senior home shooting in Maryland suburb of the imperial cess ridden swamp and a bombing in Afghanistan by Isis-Kabuki or Deep State Productions (CIA).

  2. Just think…with half of the LAFD laid off, Los Angeles could possibly suffer a fate not unlike that of did San Francisco in 1851 when 3/4 of the downtown area went up in smoke.

    The “woke” among us need to wake up.

  3. I had a boss who told me that he fires the people that consider themselves “essential” as they pose the biggest risk to the organization.

    If someone labels you essential, or you consider yourself such the most prudent thing you can do is find another job.

    It’s not fair, it’s not right, but it is often the case.

  4. If an important group like this can indeed stick together and stand against the mandate, it can be the first dominoes to fall and then the mandates will end.

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