Hillary Runs on the Status Quo, No Hope, No Change Ticket


Hillary appeared on “Fox News Sunday” today and struggled to explain how she would continue President Obama’s economic agenda and her narrative that she is a true change agent.

During the interview, she tried to say she would build on what Obama has done, which according to most standards, is not much.

“Sixty-nine percent of Americans think we’re on the wrong track. GDP growth in this last quarter … is the slowest economic recovery since 1949, and you’re offering tweaks, not a dramatic shift,” Wallace said. [We are running on a miserable 1% economic growth.]

“Well, I think what I’m offering are proven results. I think what I’m offering is that we can build on where we are,” Clinton told Wallace. “We’ve dug ourselves out. We’re standing, but we’re not yet running. I’m not happy with the status quo. I’ve said that repeatedly.”

Wallace then pointed out that Clinton’s commitment to adhere to Obama’s policies is at odds with her claims of bringing “real change” to the country.

“You say you were the real change agent in this camp. But I think it’s fair to say that you’re building on the Obama agenda. You’re not rejecting it,” Wallace said.

“Sixty-nine percent of Americans think that we’re on the wrong track. We just found out that GDP growth in this last quarter … is the slowest economic recovery since 1949, and you’re offering tweaks, not a dramatic shift.”

He added that she is only adding “more government programs, more spending, more entitlements, more taxes, more tax penalties and credits.”

“Well, but let’s unpack that. What I’m offering is the biggest job creation program since World War II,” Clinton responded.

“But it’s infrastructure,” Wallace said. “That’s what Obama did.”

“But he didn’t get to do enough. And he didn’t get enough support from the Congress,” Clinton said.

Over one trillion isn’t enough! Think about that.

An ironic statement given Obama has done whatever he felt like doing for the past eight years. Ironic also since Congress gave him the Stimulus and he already had TARP in place.

She is clearly offering more of what we’ve had for the past eight years – nothing says “change”.

The GDP report that came out this month was dismal and she wants to continue that.

During his interview with former Obama strategist, David Axelrod, CBS’s John Dickerson mentioned that Bill Clinton’s speech tried to make Hillary Clinton into an agent of change. Axelrod responded by saying it was a tough argument to make.

“I think that is a tough argument,” Axelrod said. “I thought Bill Clinton’s speech was great up until that point. I thought the great role that he played was to give people a richer sense of who she is, what motivates her, where she came from. I think that was valuable in this convention. Political argument that h e made I think may be less valuable. I don’t think she’s going to win this as the agent of change. I think she’s going to win it on temperament. She’s going to win it on stability, experience and in contrast to the fears that people have about Donald Trump.”

How can she run as Obama’s third term and be a change agent, one must ask?

Even David Axelrod gets it.

She presents herself as different from Obama but is running holding onto his coattails in every sphere. She is very confused.

If you want to listen to her interview, it’s on this link.

Seven Blistering LIES! Hillary Makes Calculated Move to Go On Fox News Sunday


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5 years ago

Its all talk, the woman knows americans have about a two day attention span, tell them about the free cookies, there are millions of people that think Obama has done great things for this country, Hillary just like Obama plays on their stupidity, unemployment is 5% , there are people that believe that, debt that will never be paid down, most people don’t even understand that or care, the politicians know this, its all about what I will do for you, and it never HAPPENS, remember HOPE AND CHANGE!!!!! good luck America!!!!!!!!!!