Homeless Man Helped by NYC Officer Still Barefoot


The homeless man, who sat on the sidewalk barefoot until he was spotted by NYC Police Officer DePrimo last week, is barefoot again. When asked where his $100 boots were, the homeless man said he hid them because they are worth a lot of money.

He then said he wants his piece of the pie because the photo was taken without his permission and went online.

He did say he appreciates the boots.

It reminds me of the time I gave a shabbily-dressed man on a train $5 which he said he needed to buy a ticket. After I gave him the money, he laughed at me and called me a fool.

Apparently the homeless man has family nearby who he could go to for help at an time.

Officer DePrimo is a hero. The homeless man is obviously troubled which is why he is on the street walking barefoot.

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