ISIS Rampages On: 45,000 Syrian Kurds Flee to Turkey in 24 Hours


In the last two days, ISIS has seized control of 60 Kurdish villages near the Turkish border sending 45,000 Syrian Kurds into Turkey. Turkey has opened their borders according to the deputy prime minister Numan Kurtulumus.

ISIS is approaching Kobane in Aleppo. It’s Syria’s third-largest Kurdish town. It gives ISIS control of a long stretch on the northern border with Turkey.

The president of Iraqi Kurdistan urged the international community Friday to “use every means” to protect a city in neighboring Syria from an impending attack by Islamist militants.

The town is surrounded on three sides by ISIS.

About 100,000 Kurds appear to be ready to flee.

Kurdish fighters who fought ISIS for months are losing and have been forced to retreat in the last several days.

The danger of massacre is imminent. The Kurds need weapons but we’re not arming them. We’re arming the Free Syrian Army which includes al-Qaeda (al-Nusra front) and ISIS. We also have not begun the promised air strikes.

A spokesperson for the People’s Protection Units, one of the Kurdish groups battling Isis, said his fighters’ weapons were no match for the looted US arms the militants took from fleeing Iraqi soldiers in June.

“Isis has highly advanced and sophisticated American weapons. We need weapons too,” said Redur Xelil. “Isis is now aiming to take over Kobane, as they aimed to take over Erbil.”

Masoud Barzani, the Iraqi Kurdish leader, has called for international action to protect the Kobane region, saying the insurgents must be “hit and destroyed wherever they are”.

France is conducting air strikes in Iraq but won’t strike in Syria.

Barack Obama is in Camp David with his family. He will undoubtedly get some golfing in while 100,000 people face a mass massacre.

If only the United States had a real leader and not this pompous fool in the White House. Most presidents have their memoirs in their libraries, he’ll have his golf score cards. They’ll be redacted no doubt.



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