Latest Outrage: DOJ Only Seems to Prosecute White-on-Black Hate Crimes


Countless white people have been attacked by blacks in knockout games, otherwise known as polar bear hunting. No one has been charged with a hate crime federally until this week when a white man was charged with punching a 79-year old black man in a knockout-style attack.

The administration has been silent on knockout games aka polar bearing. The silence has been deafening. Until now. The DOJ has decided to break the silence over a knockout game committed by a white man against an elderly black man.

Knockout games are nothing new but they have stepped up in the last year.

The attacks are usually called polarbearing or polar bear hunting. Knockout games is sometimes used. It’s obvious as to why it is called polar bearing.

According to NBC NY, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said some of the attacks were being investigated as hate crimes.

There have been zero Federal prosecutions of hate crimes against blacks.

Suspects in virtually every attack in Brooklyn have been committed by black teens against whites, police said. The assaults aren’t robberies.

“A phrase that is used is ‘polarbearing,’ or ‘polar bear,’” Kelly said. “Knockout has also been used…We’ve seen this in the past but I would like to urge anyone who has been victimized by this to come forward,” he said.

In New York, the victims are generally white Jewish Americans and at least one congressman implored the president to speak out.

via Greta Van Susteren, On the Record

The attack being charged as a hate crime by the DOJ was committed by Conrad Alvin Barrett, 27, of Katy, Texas. He shot video of himself using racial slurs stating his intent was to hit a black person to receive national media attention. He ended up punching a 79-year old black man, who lost teeth and needed jaw surgery. Barrett is bipolar and an alcoholic. He’s a bad guy, no sympathy for him coming from the Sentinel.

Conrad Alvin Barrett

Conrad Alvin Barrett

However! Why has the DOJ found no other case worthy of a federal investigation as a hate crime?

Barrett is facing 10 years in jail and a $250,000 fine for the federal charge but life imprisonment for the state charges, so why exactly do they need the federal charges?

J. Christian Adams is a lawyer for the Justice Department turned whistleblower. He left the DOJ because they refused to prosecute crimes against blacks. Whites alone were to be prosecuted. A finding by an Inspector General this year cited prejudice in the exacting of justice by the DOJ, supporting J.Christian Adams’ claims.

Meghan Kelly interviews J. Christian Adams in this series.

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