Leftist Journalists Lie Through Their Teeth About Dr. Ben Carson

Katrina vanden Heuvel, master of dishonest journalism
Katrina vanden Heuvel, master of dishonest journalism

Whether you like Dr. Ben Carson or not, it should be concerning to the American public when the leftists in the media lie about opponents and pass it off as news. It’s especially egregious when they continue to lie even after the lie has been more than adequately exposed.

Katrina vanden Heuvel, part owner of The Nation, the flagship of the far-left, told the Stephanopoulos’ This Week audience that Dr. Ben Carson is a “certified extremist” who wants to “blow up immigrants”. No one called her on it despite the fact that it is patently untrue.

The leftists are getting desperate as Hillary’s dramatic fall from grace appears to be far from over.

In mid-August, presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson suggested that we use armed drones to blow up the tunnels – not people – tunnels that run from Mexico into the United States. The tunnels and caves are being used for human and drug trafficking but Border Patrol, while having a lot of success, hasn’t been able to stop them.

Dr. Carson’s suggestion is one that Israelis have used and it works. We aren’t doing enough to close up these tunnels. Blowing them up would be a great idea.

He has explained his statement repeatedly.



    • So true, Just sickening that they whitewash the sale of baby organs while spending energy on this crap. And the evil midget Stephanopoulos is the perfect conduit for their lies.

  1. CNN CANNIBALIZES every REPUBLICAN STATEMENT, AND/OR INTERVIEW ! How many F*^#^KING TIMES, must Dr. CARSON, correct this illiterate ASS? If he is that ignorant CNN , should get some one with high school diploma. Liberals are going after the low low hanging fruit.They are out of tricks, but certainly NOT LIES ! If they were , HILLARY could most certainly accommodate them with some real good ones!!

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