N. Korea Conducts Successful Nuclear Test – Update John Bolton Video


North Korea

Update: John Bolton video

While President Obama is dismantling our defense and destroying all but a token amount of nuclear weapons, Iran is building nuclear weapons and North Korea is testing long-range missiles that can be equipped with a device which they said they will to aim at the United States.

It will threaten the international community.

The North Koreans claim they launched their third underground nuclear test overnight our time. A 4.9 earthquake was detected in the area of the launch site. The country appears closer to being able to put a nuclear device on a missile.

The world responded with criticism but North Korea is unmoved. It is being called a highly provocative action. China, which provides aid to North Korea, told them to halt these operations.

The people of N Korea are impoverished and all money is diverted to the missile program.

President Obama sent a strongly worded letter calling it a “provocative action” after the fact. That should do it. They will shape up now.

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