Obama Won’t Ask Iran About the Nuclear Weapons Facility They’re Helping Assad Build


Update: 01/15/15: The Obama administration said there are no limitations on Iranians building nuclear facilities while negotiations are going on. It will be surprising if there are any afterwards either.


From satellite photos, intercepted communications, intelligence data, et al, it has been determined by some analysts that Assad is building the bomb and he is doing so with the help of Iran. The United States response to the news was typical and terrifying.

Spiegel online wrote on January 9th that there is significant evidence Bashar al-Assad has continued with their nuclear weapons program and he is being assisted by the Iranians.

Mr. Obama currently seeks an agreement with Iran that would allow them to become a threshold nuclear state.

It was thought that Israel destroyed Syria’s nuclear weapons capability in 2007 when they raided the Kibar complex but it is probably not the case.

At the time of the raid, North Korean nuclear experts were seen at the site. That’s the same North Korea that is accused of hacking Sony’s computers among many other facilities.

The factory destroyed in 2007 was near completion and a nuclear reactor was present on site.

Syria possesses 50 tons of uranium, enough for five bombs.

de spiegel

Analysts now believe that Assad is likely building a new reactor or nuclear enrichment facility and has approximately 8,000 fuel rods stored in a secret, underground bunker.

A suspicious site at Marj as-Sultan has been watched for some time. Materials were spotted being moved recently as rebels moved in. The radical Shiite “Party of God”, a Lebanese Hezbollah group out of Iran, helped move the materials.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, who are under the direct control of the Ayatollah, have also been mentioned in intercepted messages. Experts are also convinced that North Korea is still involved.

Mr. Obama is currently using the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as his ground troops to defeat ISIS and he is sharing intel with them. The Iraq army is barely existent and Iran has taken over.

Mr. Obama is eager to work out a nuclear deal that allows Iran to continue their nuclear program and give almost nothing in return.

The administration was very quick to promote the alleged destruction of Assad’s chemical weapons. Will they work out another deal over the nuclear weapons with Russia as the mediator? Perhaps he can get the Ayatollah to mediate.

Marie Harf was asked if the United States would ask Iran about it at a press briefing two days ago:

MS. HARF: We don’t know yet. We just saw the reports and we’re looking into it.

QUESTION: Will you discuss this issue with the Iranians in the upcoming talks?

MS. HARF: No. The upcoming talks are about the Iranian nuclear program.

QUESTION: Yeah, but if they are helping the —

MS. HARF: Yes, but we don’t discuss other issues with them at those talks, as you all know.

QUESTION: But if they are —

MS. HARF: Let’s move on to North Korea and let’s —

They will NOT discuss it with Iran.

Mr. Obama is not stupid nor does it seem possible that he is that incompetent. There is only one other possibility which I will leave the reader to consider. He knows what he is doing.



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