Obama’s Disastrous Poll Numbers and His Inability to Learn



Mr. Obama, Mr. Reid, Mrs. Pelosi bailing from the Titanic

Mr. Obama’s sinking job approval ratings are a disaster for the Democratic Party and for his new healthcare law, which might very well implode. The 2014 election is still too far away, but Mr. Obama must do something significant to turn it around or the party will lose big in the mid-term elections.

The course he took yesterday at the CEO summit to turn it around was to attack and blame Republicans. I don’t think it will work. Republicans have been opposed to the law from the beginning, did not cast one vote for it, and have had nothing to do with it.

Mr. Obama harshly criticized Republicans for not helping him fix his mess. If Republicans were stupid enough to capitulate, they would be blamed for anything that can’t be fixed, which is most everything about it. It is also incredibly unreasonable to expect the party opposed to it, the party that didn’t vote for it, the party that wasn’t allowed any involvement in its development, to now help him fix it.

Mr. Obama is under the impression we have one-party rule and the opposition should not exist, which is why he continually circumvents Congress instead of working with them. He ignores his own party caucus.

Mr. Obama is a slow learner. His lies, his feigned incompetence, and his inability to be pragmatic – ever – are not only bringing him and his healthcare law down, they are bringing his party down.

Mr. Obama will keep blaming Republicans, George Bush, Tea Party people but it won’t work in the face of a catastrophically bad bill, written behind closed doors by special interests, fueled by greed, and bought with bribes. We now know for certain that the entire bill was a lie and presented fraudulently to the American people.

Mr. Obama and his minions like to say it was underfunded. The healthcare.gov site for only the state-run exchanges was a billion dollars alone. More money has been spent on Obamacare than any other presidential initiative in US history with Republicans remaining unsuccessful in defunding it in any way.

Mr. Obama has run ads to promote it, primarily by strong-arming private companies, but the ads are dishonest or morally repugnant in many cases and have not succeeded to the degree he would have liked.

The design of not only the website, but of the law, is terminally flawed and people are now experiencing it for themselves. They know they’ve been lied to.

Americans don’t like to be lied to.

Marco Rubio said it well two days ago on The O’Reilly Show. He said that the bill has to be repealed and replaced and the Democrats just have to come to that realization. It’s inevitable but they don’t see it yet, obvious though it is.

Mr. Obama’s job approval ratings matter because the president has a significant effect on all other candidates in his party. When our Republican candidate for Congress CD-1 Long Island ran the first time, he lost by 500 votes, but when he ran in 2012, with Obama on the ticket, he lost by 10,000 votes. That was the trend everywhere, and it is always the general trend.

Presidential approval is the single most important factor in determining elections. The voting blocs will suddenly become very unimportant in the case of wildly popular or unpopular president.

Some candidates can rise above that because of their own past history and because of the demographics but most can’t.

The Democrats are going to have to jump ship soon if they hope to get re-elected in right-leaning areas. If they jump ship, the opportunity to repeal and replace Obamacare will show itself. Carpe Diem!

Real Clear Politics has reported on the trend and found that if the presidential approval is at 40%, his party stands to lose up to 36 seats in his caucus if his job approval ratings continue into November 2014. Check out the graph below from RCP.



A CBS News Poll out November 20th gives Barack Obama a 37% job approval rating with 57% disapproving; 31% approve of the new healthcare law and 61% disapprove (devastating for Barack Obama); 88% of Republicans disapprove of the PACA and 87% approve with 55% of Independents disapproving; 67% say the signup for the PACA is not going well and 23% don’t know enough (why don’t they know enough?); 64% believe the website’s problems will be fixed by Dec 1; and 73% of Democrats still give Obama a good overall rating, while only 6% of Republicans and 29% of Independents do.

Check out the poll on this link.


Rasmussen Daily tracking says 56% of the people disapprove of Obama’s job performance and 58% have an unfavorable opinion of the PACA. Voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats by a 43% to 39% margin to handle health care.


Gallup has Obama’s job approval at 41% with 53% disapproving; 56% now say healthcare is not the government’s job. In 2006, 69% of the people said healthcare was not the government’s job but the trend now is going back down.


Real Clear Politics Polls: 


President Obama Job Approval – Economy

Polling Data
Poll Date Sample Approve Disapprove Spread
RCP Average 10/30 – 11/18 37.3 58.2 -20.9
The Economist/YouGov 11/16 – 11/18 1000 A 37 51 -14
ABC News/Wash Post 11/14 – 11/17 RV 42 56 -14
FOX News 11/10 – 11/12 1006 RV 37 60 -23
Quinnipiac 11/6 – 11/11 2545 RV 38 59 -21
Gallup 11/7 – 11/10 1039 A 39 58 -19
Pew Research 10/30 – 11/6 996 A 31 65 -34

All President Obama Job Approval – Economy Polling Data


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