Rep. Steve King – Most Important Job for Next President Is to Restore the Constitution


It’s been very concerning that some presidential candidates on the Republican side don’t mention the constitution or the president’s lawbreaking. We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis with a president who has no regard for the constitution except when he can twist it in his favor, yet we aren’t hearing much about how the constitution will be restored after Barack Obama.

We need a president who will not only follow the law but will undo the damage done by six years of lawlessness. The constitution is the law of the land and no president has the right to disband it to implement his own ideological ambitions.

Rep. Steven King addressed the South Carolina Freedom Summit last week. The event featured several potential contenders for the 2016 Republican party presidential nomination.

King recognized the job of the next president which is being somewhat ignored.

“The most important thing the next president of the United States must do is restore this Constitution back to the text of its original meaning,” King said.

“President Obama has violated this Constitution over and over again, multiple times on Obamacare, multiple times on immigration. And I’ve asked the question, you know he’s defied article one of the United States Congress and the law, and decided he can make up his own laws. He’s also decided that he’ll ignore the laws he doesn’t want to enforce even though he takes an oath to take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

Obama has defied the courts as he has the Congress. Rep. King talked about Obama’s refusal to stop issuing DHS work permits in violation of Texas Judge Hanen’s order.

There is a real danger that the next president will enjoy the dictatorial powers Obama has assumed. We have to put a stop to it now or forever abandon the law that gives the people a say in their government.

If candidates aren’t talking about it now, they won’t do anything about it once in office.