Reporter Laura Loomer Literally Chains Herself to Twitter


Right-wing reporter Laura Loomer was banned from Facebook and Twitter for 30 days. Thanksgiving eve, she says, for criticizing our new Muslim congresswoman.

What she said appears accurate but it got her banned anyway. Louis Farrakhan calls Jews “termites” and “Satan” but he isn’t banned.

She chained herself to the door of Twitter headquarters Thursday.

Laura Loomer blew up Louis Farrakhan’s tweet calling Jews ‘termites’ and showed it side-by-side next to the tweet that she was banned over where she called out Democrat Ilhan Omar for being pro-Sharia law and then listed off how Sharia law targets women and the LGBT community.

Twitter has responded and don’t worry, they are fair to everyone.

Just before 11 p.m. police used bolt cutters to remove Ms. Loomer’s handcuffs from Twitter headquarters and placed her under arrest. Here is the moment that happened via

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