State Department Recruits Immigrants Susceptible to Terrorism



The New Minnesota

According to the telegraph, there are 32,000 Muslim Somali-Americans in one small community in Minnesota alone. Somali terrorists are making a somewhat successful drive to recruit dozens of disaffected Muslim youth in Minneapolis and St. Paul from this community. It is a high gang and low employment area.

FBI Agents in Minnesota see this recruitment as a serious threat.

Al-Shabaab has produced two recruitment videos released in the United States, one which describes the Path to Paradise – terrorism in Somali – as a real Disneyland.

It is believed that some of the terrorists involved in the recent massacre at the Kenyan mall came from this community. The FBI is investigating the claim.

A local teacher was recently imprisoned in Minneapolis for recruiting students.

Tragically, the youth are being tricked into leaving the secure environment of Minnesota for the horrors of a Somali terrorist camp.

It is said that the greater Somali community is ‘appalled.’ Me too!

Many of the new immigrants come here seeking asylum. The US has liberalized asylum requirements in recent years. We also have a resettlement project sponsored by the State Department. We take refugees from camps in war-torn countries, about 80,000 a year, we give them a few weeks of resettlement training and welfare, and then set them free.

If we are going to bring them in, we need to help them assimilate or we need to stop taking them in.

There are no efforts whatsoever to assimilate new immigrants and help them adapt to this country’s values. We have no integration programs. It is questionable that they can be assimilated. Their idea of freedom is to practice an austere form of Islam though it runs counter to US values and our justice system.

This is not isolated to Minnesota. It is going on all over the country.

Check out Shelbyville, Tennessee:

Sharia law is being imposed in areas occupied by Muslim immigrants in Minnesota:

A 40-minute video released online earlier this year, titled Minnesota’s Martyrs: The Path to Paradise, promises the youth a glorious future as Somali terrorists.

Read about the recruitment drive at the telegraph.