Indoctrinating Our Children-Stressing Their Differences


Is it the differences or similarities that are important



“These are tough times for Minnesota schools. They are facing big painful cuts to their budget, but they are still sending a delegation at great expense to the White Privilege Conference so they can bring what they learn back into the classroom. There is always money to teach bigotry. Wouldn’t it be cheaper and more fruitful to have the teachers conduct lessons on the Civil Rights Movement?  Or how about emphasizing similarities and areas of unity instead or reaching into the angry beliefs of the few who would have us believe we are mostly divided and too different. Doesn’t this type of approach in education breed contempt and disunity? Why are we indoctrinating our teachers and children? Shouldn’t we treat people as equals, not as privileged victims? This isn’t 1963. Someone please tell Kevin Jennings.

In Lakeville, for example, the school board recently announced wrenching cuts of almost $7 million. Ninety-four teachers will lose their jobs, arts programs will suffer and a school will be closed.

There was wailing and gnashing of teeth, but the board set its jaw: There’s not a dime for anything extra.

Unless you’ve got an ax to grind with white folks. Then the money spigots open.The Lakeville schools are sending a delegation of teachers to the 12th annual “White Privilege Conference” at the Bloomington Sheraton from April 13-16. The district is shelling out $160 a pop — plus $125 a day for teacher subs — for this “white guilt” festival.” Read more here: startribune

“This year, the 12th Annual White Privilege Conference will be held in Minneapolis and according to their website, should help you get your privileged, liberal mind right. The sponsor list is not available on the conference website, however some of the people promoting it are well known, such as Harvard University professor Cornell West and President Osama’s “Safe Schools” Czar Kevin Jennings (founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) who’s had a controversial past.

To be fair, these 11 years of conferences have not been afforded the appropriate media coverage because it’s simply not possible to cover everything that happens, when they happen. But this event appears to clearly be what’s intended as reverse-racism indoctrination offered to all comers but specifically targeting teachers, students, and activists to achieve… (you guessed it) social justice.” Read more here: White Privilege Conference – Social Justice