The Hate Agenda of The Southern Poverty Law Center


The Southern Poverty Law Center is lying again – being liberal that really is not a problem. Liberalism/progressivism, based on moral relativity, requires a certain amount of lying. Whether it is identity politics, gender politics, or even values politics, all is relative to how the individual feels that it applies to him and not the community.

Progressives have always been of the mind that the end justifies the means, and they excuse over the top radicalism and lying as necessary to move the agenda forward. It is all done in the hopes of producing a narrative that can be believed by the rank-and-file of their followers – the low information citizen.

In October, the SPLC placed Dr. Ben Carson on its “Extremist Watch List”. Now being a Black Conservative, according to the standards that the SPLC has already shown may have been reason enough, but ultimately it was because Dr. Carson had the audacity to be for traditional marriage as is most of the world.

A week later after intense criticism, Dr. Carson was taken off the list. The Marxist-Socialist agenda of the SPLC had embarrassed itself and targeted a man who is a Christian. Not that the SPLC hasn’t targeted Christians before and continues to do so, but Dr. Carson is running for President and is well thought of by the vast majority of people. Remember, this is the same group that declared the Family Research Institute a hate group, and placed them in brochures right nest to the KKK and neo-Nazi organizations. That led to an almost catastrophic confrontation and only lately has the SPLC said they may have made a mistake.

Christians are in the sights of the SPLC and long diatribes have been written how bigoted, homophobic and downright stupid Christians are for believing in what they do. At the “Values Voter Summit” many conservatives discuss the issues facing American today.

But the SPLC, lately linked to a domestic terrorism case in federal court, has done its best to try and slander those in attendance, labeling those conservatives anti-LBGT and anti-Muslim. The SPLC took it upon themselves to write to each speaker at the event and “encourage” them not to go. Even though millions of the everyday citizens agree with the summit and not with the progressive/socialist policies of the SPLC.

The SPLC has maintained that if you object to LBGT issues you are demonizing those of that community. It declares that those who hold to biblical standards of marriage have an extensive record of demonizing, vilifying gays, and spreading falsehoods. This the same group that was the inspiration of

Floyd Lee Corkins II entering the offices of the Family Research Council with the intention of in his own words “kill as many people as I could”.

So what has the SPLC learned? Apparently nothing, A group of socialist/progressives including GLAAD, Faithful America, People for the American Way . in conjunction with the SPLC have now targeted individuals that attended the “Values Voter Summit”. It has targeted such people as the American Family President Tim Wildmon, Liberty Counsel Mathew Staver and of course, once again Tony Perkins of the Family research Council.

But the targeting does not end there. The SPLC has expanded its agenda to include other areas of “hate”. Included in this has been the declaration that the entire South and anything Confederate is now hate. All holidays, monuments, symbols, celebrations and schools named after any Confederate is now considered a hate crime by the SPLC, and must be eradicated from across the country.

Recently, the SPLC has branded three women as anti-Muslim for discussing the threats of Islamic immigration into the United States. Also discussed was the Muslim Botherhood infiltration of this administration and this country. In the magazine Rose-el-Youseff six People in this adminstraton were named as operatives for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Arif Alikha Homeland Security Ass. Sec, Eboo Patel Presidential Advisory Council on Faith, Mohamed Magid DHS Working Group, Rashad Hussain- Special Envoy to OIC, Salam al-Marayati- Admnistraton rep to UNESCo

And then there is Huma Abedin As discussed here and here

Americans have not had the opportunity to discover thee truths about Islam and the SPLC because of administration coercion and the media. It is the SPLC who has directly targeted these women in a pamphlet called “Women Against Islam”.

The SPLC has become nothing more than a money making entity that will fudge numbers and always look for new dragons to slay whether they need slaying or not. First it was the KKK, now it everyone from Christians, to gun enthusiasts, to anything that the leftist partisan hacks of the SPLC can use to raise money. It has traded the activism of a good and noble nature that it used to identify with for a usefulness of activist leftism that fills it coffers. No more an admirable organization that would ferret out real hate, it has now become a bully against those it knows has neither the money or connections to fight back.

by John Velisek USN (Ret.