Veteran Tries to Save US Flag Being Stomped on by Some of the Left’s Useful Idiots


cops wrestle Ms Manhart to the ground

Michelle Manhart, an Air Force veteran, was told about a rally at Valdosta University in Georgia in which protesters were walking on the U.S. flag. She felt she had to do something about it. She went to the protest and took the flag from the  protesters, refusing to return it. After refusing to give the flag to the officer so he could return it to the leftists who were desecrating it, she was wrestled to the ground by four brawny police officers.

Was that necessary? Really?

flag being desecrated

People died for that flag and her feelings are understandable.

Ask Yourselves, What Did They Die For?
Ask Yourselves, What Did They Die For?

One young female protester helped escalate the disturbance. “She’s resisting arrest. She’s resisting arrest,” she sniped on and on.

To their small, very small credit, the protesters and the officers did not press charges and she was eventually released.

She has been banned from campus by the university officials. A group of veterans will be at the campus on Monday to protest in sympathy for Ms. Manhart’s actions.

One of the protesters said “you enslaved our people, you put us in this white supremacy…and you’re stealing our flag now.”

That gibberish is what is being fed to these kids. It’s the kind of tripe that causes racial discord and it is being done deliberately by the left who use them for their own agenda.

This veteran and former Playboy model obviously never enslaved anyone.

One misguided young man shouted out, “Look at that white privilege,” as he too helped escalate the argument, wanting her to be arrested for stealing the flag and resisting arrest. White privilege is a leftist invention.

At one point, the female protester leading the charge called her a “scrawny bitch” and Ms. Manhart responded with her own choice words.

Ms. Manhart should not have resisted the officers, the flag was not hers to take, and the anti-American leftist instigators had every right to protest, but Ms. Manhart was willing to do what too few Americans are willing to do – stand up for the flag of the United States. In a better time, the police would have been less aggressive and the protesters wouldn’t have been desecrating the U.S. flag.

These so-called American protesters hate America and want to blame everyone living today for evil fomented by people long-dead. They have absolutely no common sense. They are the useful idiots of the far-left Progressives.

In the next video, Ms. Manhart explains the actions she took.




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