What Will Be Done About West Point’s Communist Professors


It is out in the open, not only has West Point graduated a Communist student, but they have also employed Communist secular professors. There is no reason to believe West Point or Congress will do a thing about it.

One congressman, one, Sen. Marco Rubio, recommended the U.S. Army nullify openly communist 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone’s military commission and require him to pay back his tuition costs, in a letter in early October to acting Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy.

“I respectfully request the United States Army immediately nullify Rapone’s commission and pursue all available disciplinary options under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Rapone should be required to pay back in full the cost of his education and the United States Military Academy should consider revoking his degree,” Rubio wrote.

The senator referenced Rapone’s robust social media presence posting photos of communist propaganda while in his Academy uniform, and other posts expressing his desire to foment a communist revolution.

So far as we can tell, he is the only one making this request even even though Rapone is a subversive communist seeking the overthrow of the U.S. government. In fact, Rubio took quite a few hits from it.

We posted a letter from one of his professors, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Heffington, who wrote a scathing letter about the deteriorating state of West Point and the flagrant, outrageous behavior of Rapone that was ignored despite pitifully poor evaluations. Unfortunately, the Lt. Col. was the one who was vilified for his thoroughly-detailed assessments.

Rapone wasn’t the only Communist to graduate.

Lt. Col. Huffington told The Daily Caller, “I had seen similar attitudes on soldiers getting out of the Army before. He was critical of the war strategy in Afghanistan as being a continuation of imperialism.”

The Lt. Col. isn’t the only one who has noticed the Communist infiltration at West Point.

In mid-October, a former senior faculty member contacted by The Daily Caller indicated that Lieutenant Colonel Heffington’s criticisms were “spot on” — and too forgiving, if anything.

A left-wing “military” blog, Task & Purpose, sporting such-nice photos of people like Winston Churchill, subtly demeaned the Lt. Col.

Churchill is rolling in his grave.

An active duty Army officer contacted by The Daily Caller, who asked to remain anonymous, agreed with the sentiments of Lieutenant Colonel Heffington.

The officer said that criticism of the increasing civilian influence within West Point was entirely warranted. “I can assure you,” the officer stated, “there are a number of avowed communists [teaching at West Point].”

Motto of the class of 2021–but which battle?

The officer said he has “personally heard” two civilian professors claim to be communists. One in particular, he adds, was “quite proud of this fact.”

According to the officer, the presence and influence of openly Marxist faculty members is partially to blame for the leniency that the academy showed then-cadet Spenser Rapone. “Why punish this Che-loving former cadet, Rapone, when we let senior faculty openly support such views?” the officer asked.

The U.K. is experiencing a similar situation, only their government is infiltrated to the point that a now-prominent British leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has employed senior advisers who were monitored by MI-5 as subversive agents. That information came from the spy agency’s former director-general.

Dame Stella Rimington said that some of those close to the Labour leader had been watched over fears they could seek to subvert British democracy.

She didn’t name names but added, “I see in Momentum some of the people who we were looking at in the Trotskyist organizations of the 1980s”.

They are now adults advising Corbyn on how to prepare for power.

It’s almost November now and the case appears closed. Rapone is still in the Army and Communists still teach at West Point. There is an investigation but they are probably waiting for the news cycle to turn off the light that briefly shone on this abomination.

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Douglas R Rose
Douglas R Rose
6 years ago

I saw a picture of Rapone at graduation with a communist slogan in the hat. I assumed at the time it had to be staged to create some outrage. It looks like this is far more sinister. We are facing an insidious decline in our core values, of which the USMA has been a stout redoubt but now faces a weakening foundation. I am open to dialogue about the strength and weaknesses of these political systems, but you must defend the structures and values of our american system or we are certain to suffer serious decline. ” We stand together or we shall certainly hang alone”LtCol USAF (ret)

6 years ago

If you pardon Manning for release of national security intelligence, promote and give back-pay to Bergdahl who’s a deserter & traitor, it’s only reasonable that the ARMY graduate communists from the Academy.

The political generals, perfumed princes at the pentagon and anointed ring knockers protect their own. And we now see the results.

6 years ago

As a graduate of the USMA, I find it APPALLING that West Point allows COMMUNISTS to not only teach, but attend. An active COMMUNIST Cadet cannot be in compliance with the Honor Code. An active Communist cannot in all good faith pledge to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. To make this claim is an OBVIOUS violation of the Honor Code.

And, they wonder WHY our People have lost faith, trust and confidence in the Government of the United States!