Why Space Aliens Matter As US Negotiators Head for Geneva


Iran is defying the U.S. and their Fars News Agency is accusing our government of being run by space aliens as our negotiating team goes off to Geneva to work out a nuclear deal.

U.S. negotiators are off to Geneva this week for talks on Iran’s nuclear program. Alarmingly, they are under pressure to reach a deal before new sanctions legislation gains traction in Congress. The House is currently moving on legislation to tighten the screws and there is support for it in the Senate. Mr. Obama could lose a veto vote in favor of sanctions.

Mr. Obama wants a deal – no matter how bad the deal is. It’s about his legacy. His legacy on foreign affairs right now is for drawing meaningless red lines, trading terrorists for a deserter and generally being soft on terrorism and terrorists. He’s operating a terrorist farm team out of GITMO.

Iran is building two new nuclear reactors, the free beacon reported. This is as the U.S. negotiations with Iran continue. What happened to the “freeze” of the program as Iran promised?

Spiegel online reported a few days ago that Iran is helping Syria’s Assad build nuclear facilities. The reaction by the State Department spokesperson Marie Harf was that the U.S. won’t bring it up with Iran in connection with the talks because “we don’t discuss other issues with them at those talks, as you all know.”

It’s myopic to say the least.

Iran announced that Washington Post reporter Jason Razaian will stand trial for unknown charges at this time. The announcement came the same day as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif before talks with world powers resume over the Islamic Republic’s contested nuclear program.

Mr. Obama is a joke to them.

Iran published the cartoon below last Fall. It’s pretty clear.

Iranian cartoon

Fars News Agency, an Iranian semi-official news agency, announced Sunday that The United States government has been secretly run by a “shadow government” of space aliens since 1945. Oh, duh, who doesn’t know that?

This is their proof:

NAZI aliens

The alien government is based out of Nevada and had previously run Nazi Germany. The NSA is actually a tool of the aliens, according to them. They like to exploit the anger at an agency that seems to overreach into the communications of private citizens.

How do you seriously negotiate with these people? You’d have to be an idiot.

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