Yay! U.S. Officially Pretends Cuba Is Not A Sponsor of Terrorism


Obama announced Wednesday that Cuba will be removed from the list of terrorist nations and we will resume diplomatic relations. Nothing has changed, they still give shelter and succor to terrorists. What’s changed is our leadership which thinks hugs replacing a show of strength will win the hearts and minds of Fascist dictators.

Cuba is enamored – unsurprisingly – of the world’s worst dictators, especially Iran.

Iran has a secret facility on the tiny island and no one seems to know what goes on there though Cuba says it’s merely a research facility.

Both Iran and Cuba have imprisoned Americans and neither has to give them up for deals with the U.S..


NBC, a state-sponsored media outlet and a great supporter of the first Amendment (that’s sarcasm) praised the move as putting an end to the Cold War mentality. Unfortunately, the Cuban leaders have a Cold War mentality. image

Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson said its about empowering the Cuban people. That will work if they want more Cubans arrested because they mistakenly start acting like they have freedom.

They care about the Cuban people but not the people in the Middle East.

The Panama Post wrote in March that “Demanding freedom for political prisoners, reading a foreign newspaper, sharing anti-communist jokes, attending mass, and providing internet access to young people: all are activities that can land you in jail in Cuba.”

This is who we are friends with now. As long as we don’t befriend Tea Party members or Bibi Netanyahu, it’s all good.

In March alone, 610 people were arrested as political dissidents with trumped up charges. Artist Tania Bruguera was detained again by the authorities last weekend after staging a performance at her Havana home in which she and others read passages from Hannah Arendt’s “The Origins of Totalitarianism.”

The Panama Post reported on the 25th that Cuba’s political police arrested 163 people for protesting to demand the release of jailed Cuban dissidents. Some were notably beaten.

The deal to pretend Cuba isn’t a sponsor of terrorism was conducted in secret by that great negotiator Barack Obama over the course of 18 months.

“We will end an outdated approach that for decades has failed to advance our interests and instead we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries,” Mr. Obama said in a nationally televised statement from the White House. The deal will “begin a new chapter among the nations of the Americas” and move beyond a “rigid policy that’s rooted in events that took place before most of us were born.”

This is sure to be a winner. Just look at how well his pulling out of Iraq went – there is no longer any Iraq to worry about.