Billionaires Use ACORN To Hurt Competitors Not To Help The Poor


Herb and Marion Sandler, Loving Acorn, Soros, Terrorists, the U.S., Not So Much

And we give our taxes to ACORN so they can continue their corruption? We allow people like the Sandlers to use illicit means to destroy competition. These radicals hate the U.S.

When will Americans stand up for values? When did it become uncool to do what is right?

From the American Spectator: “Subprime mortgage hucksters Herb and Marion Sandler, who founded the S&L known as World Savings Bank, paid ACORN around $11 million.

In an incredible non-coincidence ACORN stirred up trouble for the left-wing couple’s competition, Wells Fargo.” Read here: Bankers Paid ACORN To Hurt Wells Fargo

Leftist billionaires who want to transform the U.S. into a leftist country. They join these leftist Soros groups to hurt competitors. Are you surprised that leftists who want to steal your freedom want power & your money, bottom line, they are corrupt.