Forewarned!! Not Forward!



A country is defined by its borders and without borders we are not a country. I keep saying this but my elected officials keep ignoring the fact that our borders are left intentionally wide-open!

What is going on in our southern borders is not only outrageous, it’s against the LAW!!!

Remember the Constitution? You know that pesky little booklet that has helped run America like a fine-tuned machine for more than 230 years!

Article IV, Section IV of the Constitution guarantees that the government will protect America against an invasion. If we cannot stop the people from crossing our borders than we are being invaded. Period.


The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion

Our military bases are being used to house illegals and our border patrol are being used as babysitters instead of doing their jobs of protecting America. All of our elected officials swore to uphold the Constitution and any elected official who fails to do so is committing treason and should be in jail!

No one is against anyone immigrating to America via the legal process. If I hear one more politician utter the phrase that our immigration policy is broken, I will scream. We have an immigration process that is not broken! People who want to come to America must pass a series of screenings to get here, by way of example, a physical and a criminal background check! Who are these people coming across our borders illegally? Are they MS-13 gang members? Are they free of disease? Why is there currently an epidemic of the Whooping Cough in California? No one knows for sure because we don’t know who these people are or their backgrounds.

Has anyone in DC asked and answered these questions? Where are these people going to live? Work? Who is going to pay to educate them? Of course, this burden will fall on the American taxpayers!

Have you ever heard of an American president inviting illegals to come to our country illegally? Obama seems more concerned about illegals than the American people. Our economy is already in the gutter, we have a massive national debt in the trillions of dollars and many Americans cannot find work. Why would our President deliberately overload an already over-taxed populace? He should be trying to resolve our nation’s problems, not adding to them!

My question is directed at the youth of America. Your parents handed you freedom and what are you going to do with it? Will you trade it in so that people who are here illegally have more rights than you? You will pay taxes to take care of them, meanwhile, who is going to take care of you and your family? It’s time to stop texting and wake up to the fact that your future is being squandered away.

We used to be a strong nation but we are now being crippled by an unnecessary national debt, a downsized military, military bases being used as daycare centers and a president who heads to the golf course every time a crisis arises. How do you feel about the safety of your future?

Lastly, if we don’t close the borders, we will be referring to America as “North of the Border” because America will no longer exist.

It’s time to wake up to the fact that there is only one America and once she is gone there is no place in the world to run and hide from the evils that will befall a fallen nation. We need to close our borders today or risk losing everything that makes America the greatest nation in the world.