Hundreds of Army Majors Cut As Part of Devastating Force Reduction



Mr. Obama never wants the U.S. to wage a protracted war again and he is making sure that happens with irreversible cuts to the military. He is cutting officers, the best trained and most experienced, something we will not get back easily once lost. It takes years to get soldiers of this caliber.

Our administration is about to fire 550 Army majors, some will be fired while serving on the battlefield in Afghanistan. Recently, 1100 Captains were fired, 48 were in Afghanistan at the time.

Many officers are young and don’t enough time in the service to retire.

Aside from the unacceptable plan to fire soldiers on the battlefield – our finest officers – we are devastating our military and bringing the Army to pre-World War II levels.

The military is being slashed to 450,000 soldiers by 2019 and if automatic budget cuts are allowed to stand, it will go down to 420,000.  It would not allow us to wage even one prolonged military campaign.

We are seeing the results of Obama’s Peace with Justice doctrine, a phrase he himself coined. It is a redistributive and social justice approach to defense allocations. It is the opposite of Reagan’s Peace with Strength. It likely means he will take the funds from our military and our defense systems and move them over to green energy, food stamps, welfare, et al.

President Obama has directed his Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, a puppet, to bring the size of the military down to pre-World War II levels. We will have a military smaller than Turkey’s, slightly larger than France’s, and half the size of Russia’s. China’s military will be more than four times larger than ours and North Korea’s almost three times larger.

When the New York Times reported this, they wrote: “The changes reportedly would leave the military capable of waging war, but unable to carry out protracted occupations of foreign territory, as in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

We would only be able to wage war on one front.

In other words, Obama wants to be certain the U.S. will never again be dominant, be able to fight on two fronts, or sustain any occupation of enemy land. Unfortunately, the enemy gets a vote too and this leaves us in great danger.

Last June, Obama referred to his Marxist-Leninist Peace with Justice strategy. It’s explained in the video:

It comes at a time when our country faces the greatest and still growing threats.

“I’ve not experienced a time when we have been beset by more crises and threats around the globe,” Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper said on February 11 of this year before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“My list is long. It includes the scourge and diversification of terrorism, loosely connected and globally dispersed, to include here at home, as exemplified by the Boston Marathon bombing; the sectarian war in Syria, its attraction as a growing center of radical extremism and the potential threat this poses to the homeland… we live in a complex, dangerous world…”

Lt. Col. Peters believes the way the cuts are set up, they punish the troops and protect the contractors. The troop levels leave fewer than 100,000 on the field.

Mr. Obama has a vision of technological warfare and a more passive role by the U.S.

Lt. Col. Peters says it’s like slashing our insurance to prevent fires.

Peace with Justice:

Our allies no longer trust us:



  1. STOP CUTTING OUR MILITARY. Repeat of history is evident in our country and to cut the military you will again set us up for war and attack. Our military needs to be stronger we need more men and women and we need more money out into the military rather than for ILLEGAL ALIENS. SHUT THE BOARDERS! STOP WELFARE! STOP GIVING WORTHLESS PEOPLE MONEY AND GIVE IT TO THOSE THAT PROTECT OUR NATION!

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