Iranian Islamic Association Plans to Storm Hillary’s Virtual Embassy


Hillary Clinton told the BBC on Wednesday that the State Department plans to set up a “virtual embassy” in Tehran before year’s end to instruct students on how to study or travel in the United States.

Hillary Clinton said in an interview with BBC Persia’s Bahm Kalbasi, “I’m trying to increase the number of visas for students so that we have more Iranian students coming to study here. We’re trying to reach out to the Iranian people, and we’ve tried to reach out to the government, just not very successfully.” Read here: CNS News

Wasn’t the time to do this was when they were rioting in the streets?

Meanwhile, The Islamic Association Union of Iranian Students said here Monday that the movement will occupy the U.S. “virtual embassy” for Iran once it is launched, as what it did to the ex-U.S. embassy in Tehran 32 years ago.

According to Xinhuanet, the Iranian students’ movement will not allow the United States to enter Iran, said the secretary of the movement, Seyyed-Ali Mousavi, according to the state IRIB TV website. They also said they support the Occupy Wall Street movement. That should tell you something about both groups.